20 artists unite for Malaysian mental health music festival Expresi


Twenty artists come together for Malaysia’s online mental health music festival called Expresi, which takes place this weekend (December 11-12).

Expresi – which translates to “expression” – introduces a 20 act bill that includes the hardcore act Patriots, singer-songwriter Reza Salleh, punk band Hacktick !, pop-punk band An Honest Mistake , pop singer Imran Ajmain and more.

Expresi is a free festival and can be accessed either as a Zoom reunion – billed as “frontline tickets” – or via live broadcasts on Alam Bunyian’s YouTube channel or the organizers Malaysia Independent Interconnection Discord. Performances start at 4 p.m. daily – find the full schedule below and register for the Zoom meeting here.

In their 30-minute slots, artists will not only perform, but also share their own mental health issues. They will be joined by psychiatrist Dr. Aida Harlina from Serdang Hospital, who will give a talk titled “Bring Me The Horizon” on the second day of Expresi. Mile High Sounds producer Reuben Samuel, who has worked with Yuna, Zee Avi and Junji Delfino, will talk about the power of audio on mental health on Day One.

Expresi was organized by indie music collective Malaysia Independent Interconnection with support from mental health organizations 1Moment4Them, Befrienders KL and Mental Illness Awareness & Support Association Malaysia.

According to Moja Husni, a member of indie synth pop group Late Night Frequency and organizer of Expresi, social enterprise 1Moment4Them will offer Malaysian musicians online therapy sessions at a reduced rate in connection with the festival. These sessions with a professional clinical psychologist will be available to Malaysian musicians at RM50 per session, as opposed to the usual rate of RM 150.

Expresi will also fundraise for musicians’ mental health support through 1Moment4Them, Moja said on Twitter. The public is invited to donate as much or as little as they wish to the cause by transfer funds directly to the non-profit organization, although no details have yet been released on how the funds will be used.

The programming of Expresi is as follows:

Day 1

Soon Amrita
We become ghosts
Glittering wheelchair
Empty page
Alien lipstick fire
Math lessons

Day 2

Wani ardy
Reza Salleh
Human Cloud (SG)
Sid murshid
An honest mistake
Brendan De Cruz


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