8 up-and-coming brewers to check out at the Toronto Festival of Beer


Beer lovers, it’s time to rejoice because Toronto Beer Festival makes its long-awaited return to the city this month.

From July 22-24, get ready to experience the best vibes and hundreds of beers while dancing your heart out to the festival’s superb lineup of live music.

If you think you’ve encountered your favorite beer before, think again. Presented by the Beer Store, there are over 400 craft and international beers to discover, from lagers and sours to hoppy IPAs, specially brewed by over 60 brewers.

By focusing on those in the industry who are driving positive change, the Toronto Beer Festival seeks to shine a light on breweries striving to have a positive impact on the communities in which they operate.

The best part about sampling in the Changemakers section? You can sip guilt-free knowing you’ll be supporting not just small breweries, but those that are driving real change. Check Out These Eight Incredible Canadian Breweries You Should Try #TOBeerFest.

Charlotteville Brewery in Simcoe, Ontario

Courtesy of Toronto Beer Festival

With beer made from hops grown on a family farm, the couple behind Charlotteville Brewing are taking sustainable brewing to a new level.

Professionally trained in France, these Simcoe-based brewers are committed to an ethical process that begins on their farm and ends with the brewing of all beers in a historic turn-of-the-century barn.

In addition to ensuring a sustainable brew, the duo is committed to ensuring that all Charlotteville employees receive a living wage. Talk about a sweet team.


XhAle from Calgary, AB

Aiming to connect through craftsmanship, XhAle is for conscious thinkers and drinkers who appreciate a provocative pint. The folks at XhAle, which is LGBTQ+ and female-owned, have built a brand on the value of creating an inclusive community and challenging the status quo.

In addition, all packaging comes from the forest and is recycled thanks to their Pack4Good initiative. XhAle brews in Alberta and Saskatchewan, so be sure to stop by the Changemakers area of ​​the festival and share some stories over a tasty drink when they stop in Toronto.


Kincardine Gray Matter, Ontario

Courtesy of Toronto Beer Festival

With a vision of a bar that serves great beer with a real community edge, the owners of Gray Matter quit their jobs and opened up shop in 2018.

Based in beautiful Lake Huron, Mike and Meag ensure the brewery is welcoming to all and a place to create lasting memories, while always leaving room to fool around. Not to mention the expertly crafted and endless beer on tap.


Shillow Beer Co. From Ottawa, Ontario

To sip a Shillow is to support a small family business committed to cultivating unique and delicious beers.

Located on the Algonquin Anishinaabe Territory commonly known as Ottawa, Shillow is an independent microbrewery owned by both a woman and a brewmaster (meaning near-perfect pints).

Stop by, say hello and treat your taste buds to a pint touched by a master brewer in a true celebration of beer.


TWB From Kitchener, Ontario

Courtesy of TWB Cooperative Brewery

If you’re looking to sip a pint with a story, look no further than TWB. Founded by six beer fans from very different backgrounds, including graphic design and welding, there was a shared vision to create a brewery that blends craft beer and community.

Built from the ground up, TWB prides itself on being somewhat scrappy, constantly growing, and always focused on the community. While at the Toronto Festival of Beer, ask the crew how they made a bar counter out of an old bowling alley.


Good neighbor of Winnipeg, Manitoba

With founders holding over 25 combined years of experience exploring and tasting beers globally, you’re going to want to meet the neighbors. Now based in Winnipeg, Morgan and Amber have joined forces around a shared passion for craft beer and how it can bring people together.

Beginning with a dream of building something bigger than beer, the dynamic duo behind Good Neighbor strive to make the brewery an inclusive environment that inspires honest relationships and fosters a sense of community.


GoodLot Farm of Caledon, Ontario

GoodLot checks all the boxes when it comes to a brewery of change, from using ingredients grown on its own farm to being a local legend with mouth-watering beers.

Brewed on-site in Caledon, GoodLot wholeheartedly practices ‘regenerative carbon farming’, meaning their cultivation is driven by sequestering more carbon into the soil than is emitted each year.

Bravo to the local farmers who approach brewing with a heart of gold!


The second corner of Uxbridge, Ontario

Courtesy of Toronto Beer Festival

Meet the second corner! Inspired by the beauty of the four corners of the Oak Ridges Moraine and located in the heart of Uxbridge, this brewery creates great tasting beers with lots of heart and soul.

Beyond its quaint dining room, The Second Wedge team pride themselves on being active supporters of local businesses, music and art.


For a weekend dedicated entirely to celebrating the golden brew, clean up your late July calendar and head to Toronto Beer Festival.

That you take tickets during one of the three days or make it a weekend, you have the chance to catch rap icon Nas on Fridayrockers Sam Roberts Band and The Strumbellas on Saturday and The Revivalists and Matt Mays on Sunday.

Along with the awesome music lineup, you can sample hundreds of unique beers and feel inspired with every sip in this year’s new Changemakers section. You’ll be supporting healthy brewers from all walks of life who are making a real difference in the communities in which they work.

Plus, there’s the added benefit of sipping tasty craft beers alongside thousands of other fans.

For Toronto Festival of Beer tickets, click here. For more on the festival, check out #TOBeerFest’s website, instagram, Twitter, ICT Tac and Facebook.

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