9 CIRCLES is coming to Edinburgh Fringe from this week


From the author of House of Cards Bill Cain and Guy Masterson from The Shark is Broken, the European premiere of 9 Circles is based on the true story of a repatriated US Army soldier accused of war crimes. In a psychological thriller told through the eyes of the accused, 9 Circles asks how a soldier can be trained as a cold-blooded killing machine while clinging to the threads of his humanity.

Private Daniel Reeves, based on the real life Steven Dale Green, committed appalling acts, but does the blame lie entirely with him, or with the military who put the guns in the hands of a clinically disturbed 19-year-old ? Can we really apply civilian moral standards to a soldier in mortal combat? The play is a daunting descent into the enigmas, contradictions and hypocrisies of war.

9 Circles premiered at the Storefront Theater in Chicago. The British production sees the return of New York actor Joshua Collins (Top Boy; Richard III, Almeida Theatre) to the central role of Daniel Reevesand he is joined by Samara Neely Cohen (Los Angeles Opera; Los Angeles Shakespeare Festival) and David Calvitto (12 Angry Men, West End; Shawshank Redemption, Dublin).

Writer Bill Cainsaid, “Heaven and hell are not that far apart. In Dante’s Divine Comedy, they are contiguous territories. To get to one, you have to go through the other. There are many good, beautiful and unlucky people in hell and many mediocre people who go to heaven!

Guy Masterson is the Olivier Award-winning producer/director of Morecambe (2009) and more recently of the Olivier-nominated and critically acclaimed West End hit The Shark is Broken. He started directing in 1991 with a play about his superstar uncle, Richard Burton. For 27 consecutive seasons at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe since 1994, Masterson has presented over 150 shows, including his own acclaimed solos Under Milk Wood (1994) and Animal Farm (1995); He has directed more than 40 plays including Adolf by Pip Utton (1999); 12 Angry Men (2003) starring Bill Bailey and The Odd Couple with Bill Bailey and Alan Davies (2005). He is the origin of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest with Mackenzie Crook and christian slater (2004); In 2018 Guy co-wrote and directed The Marilyn Conspiracy, which was due to move to London in 2023.

Bill Cainis an American playwright and Jesuit priest. 9 Circles earned him his second Steinberg Award (following his win for Equivocation), making him the first playwright to win two years in a row. He is a producer and screenwriter of television series such as House of Cards and Bloodline.

Suitable for ages 16 and up

Trigger Warning: Content involves references to accounts of sexual abuse and war atrocities.


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