A huge cloud of man-made fireflies will float over Greenwich this summer


The 2022 edition of London’s biggest street theater festival, the Greenwich + Docklands International Festival, already has a jaw-dropping spectacular on its lineup in the form of ‘Island of Foam’ (September 3-4), which see torrents of multicolored foam flooding the streets of Greenwich.

And now there is a rival for the festival show with the newly announced opening show. ‘Spark’, by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde, will see thousands of artificial sparks float over Greenwich on the nights of August 26-27, in a work designed to reinvent the idea of ​​fireworks in s inspiring fireflies. We don’t know exactly how it works, but the sparkles are supposed to float “organically” in the sky, and are fully biodegradable and much better for the environment than fireworks. What are sparks really made of? How do they float? What makes them light up? We don’t know the answers, but they clearly look very cool, and like everything else in GDIF, you can watch them for free.

A host of other new features have also been announced for the festival, ranging from the return of old favorites the Greenwich Fair (August 27) and Dancing City (September 10-11), to “Follow Me” (28-29 August), an interactive parkour course through the Moorings estate in Thamesmead, and “There Should Be Unicorns” (Sept. 2), the outdoor hip-hop musical from top theater company Middle Child.

The Greenwich + Docklands International Festival runs from August 26 to September 11. See the full program here.

A tsunami of multicolored foam will engulf the streets of Greenwich this summer.

Open-air theater in London this summer.


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