A Margarita Festival is coming to Ontario and you can sip over 20 wild flavors


Canada’s huge margarita festival “Margapalooza” returns to Ontario and this year you can choose from 22 different cocktail flavors that will have you ready for a fiesta.

Lone Star Texas Grill announcement that it serves wild margaritas for the rest of the summer at all of its locations across the province. You can sip on a Fuzzy Peach margarita, Mango Habenero or S’mores, to name a few.

There’s a Mexican Bulldog margarita for beer lovers, which features an upside-down Corona, a salty pickle flavor for those who don’t want the sugar rush, and a Churro-rita for anyone craving some dessert.

Some cocktails are also topped with fun and tasty toppings. If you try the Rocket Man marg, you might feel like you’re eating one of those tricolor popsicles.

There will also be classic margaritas to sip on if you’re not feeling too adventurous, like frozen lime, strawberry, or mango. You can also opt for the Three Amigos margarita flight if you want to try three different drinks at once.

If you still do everything Texas-sized, then this is one festival you can add to your to-do list. Most margaritas can be served with 1.25 ounces of tequila, or you can squeeze them down to their “Texas Size” which holds 2 ounces.

So it looks like it might be time to head to an Ontario patio for some Mexican fare and creative margarita options. Which will you choose?


Price: $9.49+ per cocktail

When: Now until September 6, 2022

Address: All 23 Lone Star Texas Grill locations across Ontario

Why you have to go: Transport yourself to Texas with wild margarita flavors to satisfy every craving.


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