After two years, Augusta Greek Festival is in full swing


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — After two years of drive-in festivals, Augusta’s Greek Festival is back.

The festival benefits the Holy Trinity and goes to local and international charities which they support throughout the year.

While we were there, we realized there was a bigger story. Not on the food, but on the people who prepare it.

If you walk down Telfair Street you will find a converted car park. Some people are very happy that instead of cars looping, people are.

“The drive-thru was great. It was good. It served its purpose,” said Augusta Greek Festival Committee Member Heather Colevin. “We are so excited to see people face to face in person again.”

Behind the foil-wrapped treats are the likes of Grill Master Greg Power.

“I’m kind of like the symbolic Australian Greek. American. American-Australian-Greek,” he said.

Stories like his are not uncommon.

While we associate the church with the Greeks and of course Greek cuisine, we found the church itself to be a massive melting pot.

Colevin said, “Even on Sundays you will hear the Lord’s Prayer in about eight different languages.”

Tatyana Verina says that even though she is not Greek, she shares so many values ​​with everyone in the church.

“Treat your friends well, feed them generously with the food,” she said.

This is the spirit you will find beneath the sprawling white tents. People from all cultures, from all walks of life, all connected through food.

“We have to learn from other cultures and spread that knowledge, and so we will understand each other much better and live better too,” Verina said.

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