An unbreakable spirit and an untouchable dream


DPassionate about the magic of cinema since childhood, Vigneshwar became a filmmaker and producer. His first inspiration dates back to watching movies with his father when he was a child. The idea of ​​visual storytelling sparked a passion within Vigneshwar who, when he entered college, already had a plan in mind to pursue this dream. His undergraduate major in computer science helped him explore animation as a medium for storytelling early on.

After his undergraduate studies, Vigneshwar worked as a teacher in a scholarship program in Mumbai. He also pursued his passion by working as a trainee production assistant for a major Bollywood production company in 2014. Seeing industry veterans in action was groundbreaking and inspiring for Vigneshwar. This helped him determine the path he wanted to take.

His talent for working with artists and managing large productions inspired him to pursue production. He also focused on understanding and advancing concepts in the field of animation and virtual production. But his journey did not end there. After all, how was he going to pursue his big dreams without being in the right place at the right time?

In 2019, among fierce competition, Vigneshwar was selected to pursue his Masters in Film and Television Production at the prestigious USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles. The rigorous three-year program allowed him to perfect his interests in the fields of production, animation and virtual production. Throughout his tenure at USC, Vigneshwar has worked on several action, animation, and virtual short film productions.

His first short film in the United States, produced at USC, is To dad, with love. It’s a poignant film about a young woman who visually documents her experiences with a camera her father gave to feel connected with him. The film, inspired by his own experiences, then took the school by storm, leading to it being screened at a litany of film festivals.

Building on this first success, Vigneshwar is working on his next short film Gift, a sci-fi drama about a family’s secret and a boy’s adventure as he learns more about his parents. This sci-fi film not only led to its recognition in the California film community, but also around the world. The film has been selected for a multitude of film festivals, including but not limited to the Malibu Film Festival, Marina Del Rey Film Festival, Amsterdam Film Festival Lift- Off, the Silicon Beach Film Festival and the Beverly Hills Film Festival.

Accelerate to the end of 2019 and his pitch for a short film project titled Kiss or Die Brian was selected by a panel of faculty members, alumni, and filmmakers in the USC 546 Advanced Shorts Film category. The film about a prepubescent boy’s journey and frank hilarity over the awkwardness of sex ended up being funded by the school and premiered at First Looks Film Festival in 2021.

These are just some of the first steps on Vigneshwar’s journey to becoming the successful producer he has become today as he works on projects in both production and development stages in Los Angeles. .


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