‘Ariyippu’ team thrilled with response to film at Locarno Film Festival


‘Ariyippu’ team thrilled with response to film at Locarno Film Festival

Chenai: The cast of director Mahesh Narayanan’s Malayalam film ‘Ariyippu’, starring actors Kunnchako Boban and Divya Prabha, are delighted with the reception their film received at the Locarno Film Festival where it premiered August 4.

Taking to Instagram, actor Kunnchako Boban posted photos of the festival crew and said, “Officially yours at the Locarno Film Festival! Thank you for all the adulations, positive reviews and accolades that always pour in for ‘Ariyippu’. We gave our 100% for this film. And the feeling is just surreal as you feel the vibes among the audience. Thank you once again Giona Nazzaro for being so generous with your positive opinions and exemplary leadership of the festival.

A day earlier, the actor made another post in which he said, “When Malayalam Roared at the 75th Locarno International Film Festival. ‘Ariyippu’ had its world premiere as the opening film of the segment of competition today at the Locarno Film Festival in front of a packed house of nearly 2,500 people from around the world.

“The huge round of applause from the audience at the end of the film and the appreciation during the question and answer period (session) was just more than dreams are made of!!!”

“Thank you Mahesh for being what you have been my whole life. Shebin for being a wonderful producer, partner and friend. Divya for the outstanding performer and wacky friend. Sanuchettan for the inspiring visuals. Jothish for being our confidant.

An incredible ensemble of top actors Lovleen Misra, Danish Husain, Kannan Arunachalam, Faisal Malika and the whole crew of ‘Ariyippu’ for giving their best for this movie.

“We made it internationally, dear friends. And may this be just the beginning of many greater things God willing!! Thank you Giona Nazzaro for selecting our film and sharing praise, making fantastic arrangements, and coordinating such a spectacular opening show. Bandhu Prasad for facilitating the whole process of globalization of our film.


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