Multi-award winning director/screenwriter/actor/choreographer Breton Tyner-Bryan returns to New York with the screening of his highly decorated short film “INVICTA” at the inaugural Dances With Films Festival: New York edition East Meets West from December 1-4, 2022.

This much-loved short film from the multi-hyphenated creator Breton Tyner-Bryan coming off of their recent wins at Tokyo Shorts for Best Experimental Short. With Sian Berman (The Australian Ballet), Maya Kitayama (Beauty and the Beast, Cole Porter‘s Can-Can) and Emily Ulrich (Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Other World), with Savannah Cranford (Retrofacory Theater C), Susan Olmos Sabel (American Ballet Theater Teacher Training), Samara Steele (Alvin Aley American Dance Theatre) and Tatiana Stewart (The Deuce, Love Life), INVICTA has been on the festival circuit at Tokyo Shorts, Best Experimental Film winner, La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival nominated for Best Fashion Dance, Best Photography, Best Cast Ensemble, Best Music, Berlin Commercial Cultural Impact Award, Raw Selection, Big Apple Agents and Managers Lab Honorable Mention, New York International Women’s Film Festival Finalist and Lift Off Global Sessions organized by Pinewood Studios UK.

“Set in New York among the mansions of Riverside Drive, 7 mob brides from across the country come together at the behest of an unknown blackmailer, only to see their united front quickly crumble, exposing romantic relationships, alliances and the ultimate betrayal.” says director, choreographer, Breton Tyner-Bryan. As the women struggle to change and/or accept the situation, their dance suggests alliances; maybe they were once strong, now weak. Betrayal – or is it? – of a woman evokes lost dreams, disappointed expectations and a desire for love, despite everything.

INVICTA is directed, written, choreographed, edited and produced by Tyner-Bryan who has also served as costume designer (Netflix MOST LGBTQ Channel), sound designer and casting director. Longtime collaborator Michael J. Burke (The Gilded Age, And Just Like That) serves as cinematographer, and composer Adria Barbosa (Only Human, Pumped, The Lucky One) masterfully created the haunting score. INVICTA is produced by Breton Follies.

Additionally, Tyner-Bryan has two other films on the festival circuit this year: DELUSIONE which screened at the Chinese Theater with Dances With Films, Micheaux Film Festival, La Femme Film Festival, Emberlight Film Festival, La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival , Lift Off Global Network London Pinewood Studios, Paris International Short Festival, New York International Women’s Festival, Bucharest Film Awards, Big Apple AGENTS AND MANAGERS Lab, ASVOFF14 Paris, the French Riviera Film Festival, Stockholm Short Film Festival, Paris Short Film Festival and Bucharest Film Awards and TIMELESS LOVE which won 45 awards including Best Director, Best Editor and Best Costume Design.

Film Threat editor Alan Ng praised the film, saying, “Invicta delivers incredible performances from members of the Breton Follies. leading to the ultimate betrayal. Their dark thoughts, feelings, and motivations were beautifully expressed in their movements and facial expressions. Invicta captures the cast’s movements beautifully, especially when compared to Barbosa’s score. Each performer’s strengths are on full display…achieves in telling a captivating and intriguing story through music and movement.”

OC Movies, TV & Streaming compared its work to Darren Aronofskythe film BLACK SWAN and Voyeurs Room 104 calling it “an impressionistic fantasy with eye-catching visuals, a new approach to storytelling. Breton is at the forefront of this well-crafted dance choreography, making full use of her skills as a ballet dancer and filmmaker classically trained.” Unreleased films have described his work as “a feast for the eyes and ears, a visual feast.” Nadia Vostrikov, freelance journalist, described INVICTA as “a delightfully cryptic film, waiting to be opened, … INVICTA has the feel of a dream synchronized between acquaintances: curious and intriguing. The themes of privilege, strength and sensuality mingle Breton Tyner-Bryan…Tyner-Bryan’s seductive direction and choreography guides us through her conquering feminine world, offering the viewer opulence around every corner.”

Breton Tyner-Bryan is an American-born, multi-award-winning, Canadian-born director, writer, actor, choreographer based in New York City. A classically trained ballet dancer and award-winning filmmaker, she grew up in theater in Hartford, CT. She is known for Manifest, (Netflix), Billions (Showtime), Divorce (HBO), Gossip Girl (CW) alongside Sarah Jessica Parker and Molly ShannonThe Knick alongside Clive Owenchoreography for BD Wong and Donny the most by Happy Days, Studio City (VICE), Manhattan Love Story (ABC), Shackled (in production), TEST, Stories from the Microcosm with John Sanborn. Trained as a stuntwoman, she often plays detectives, tough seduction roles and regularly collaborates with cinematographer Michael J. Burke (The Gilded Age, And Just Like That). His heritage is Native American, German Jewish, Spanish, Italian, Irish, French and Indian.

She is the executive producer and director of Breton Follies, a dance theater film production company, presented at the New Victory Theater 42nd Street, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, and has taught at New York University, University Fordham, at Smith College, in Berklee NYC, on Broadway. Dance Center, Joffrey Ballet School, The Place (London), Dance Base Scotland, San Francisco State University, LINES Ballet and Complexions Contemporary Ballet. She holds a BFA in Ballet Performance from the University of Utah and trained at the School of the Hartford Ballet. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Deadline, Curve Magazine, Broadway World, Pointe Magazine, Dance Magazine, and the Huffington Post.

She is currently in pre-production on her series pilot I DREAM OF HAZEL which she wrote, will direct and star in. She is in post-production on WEST OF FRANK which she directed, wrote, choreographed, edited and designed costumes. .

Tickets are available for the December 2 screening of “INVICTA” at 5:00 p.m. which will take place at Regal Cinemas Union Square in Manhattan. Visit the website at®id=& referral&utm_campaign=article&utm_content=bottombuybutton1 for more information.

For more information about INVICTA or to speak with Briton Tyner-Bryan, please contact Deborah Gilels, LA Media Consultants at (818) 758-6509, email [email protected]


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