Bell Boulevard Food and Music Fest a hit when it returns in 2022 –


For the first time since 2019, Bayside hosted its Bell Boulevard Food and Music Fest on Sunday, June 5, when community members joined food and music connoisseurs on Bell Boulevard for the festivities.

As well as being a great source of entertainment for the community, this event provided an opportunity for restaurants in the area to attract customers via the restaurant promenade, where kiosks were set up outside the restaurants. with food and drink samples.

About forty restaurants took part in the walk this year. Even restaurants in the area that do not participate in the walk have seen their business increase due to the large number of people in the area.

Brian Dempsey’s American Ale House was one of many restaurants on Bell Boulevard that saw a huge surge in patronage. (Photo by Ethan Marshall)

According to Arcadio Gonzalez of Brian Dempsey’s American Ale House, this event was a great opportunity for the restaurant to reconnect with the community after the COVID-19 pandemic. The company changed hands last September.

Gonzalez is close to the new owner and helped promote the business on the street during the event.

“It’s refreshing to see so many people showing up for this,” Gonzalez said. “With all the time between Food and Music Fest 2019 and this one, a lot of people hadn’t been able to see some of the new restaurants on Bell Boulevard. Everyone receives a large influx of customers.

Bell Boulevard Food and Music Festival 2022
Photo by Ethan Marshall

Herbert Cheng, owner of New Golden Wine and Liquor, had previously mentioned the importance of the return of this event. According to Chen, in addition to providing local businesses with the opportunity to attract more potential customers, the event also allows them to get to know their frequent customers better.

“People can come in and see what we have to offer,” Cheng said. “We offer weekly wine tastings and [the Food and Music Fest] is a great way to attract new customers and get old ones to see what they think of some of the new wines.

Bell Boulevard Food and Music Festival 2022
Photo by Ethan Marshall

Entertainment at the event was not limited to food and music. Guests also had the chance to play volleyball, table tennis and mini-golf; have your face painted; and watch aerial performances and an animal show.

Bell Boulevard Food and Music Festival 2022
Members of the Empire Saber Guild with one of their Padawans. (Photo by Ethan Marshall)

The Empire Saber Guild was on hand at the event to provide lightsaber training to all volunteer Padawans ages 6-12. There were also inflatable bouncing houses, batting “cages” and handy obstacle courses for younger kids. Additionally, the FDNY was on hand to provide free CPR training for those interested.

Heart of Dinner partnered with a translation company to provide older Asian Americans in the community with dinner and handwritten notes that were then translated.

Bell Boulevard Food and Music Festival 2022
Photo by Ethan Marshall

Many kinds of musical performances took place on Bell Boulevard during the event. While each performance certainly drew large crowds, one of the biggest gatherings happened when the School of Rock covered popular rock songs.

The Bell Boulevard Food and Music Fest marked the neighborhood’s first major street event since the COVID-19 pandemic began.


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