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Music has always been a great way to calm our mood, relieve stress and lift it. Modern innovation has made this experience of listening to music much more convenient and hassle free through our smartphones. However, the digitization of music has given us two ways of how we listen to our songs – download and streaming. So, through this post we are going to cover the best music app for android.


alt="Best Music App for Android"


AIMP Music Player for Android is known for its simplicity and provides all the necessary features that you regularly look for any music player application to play songs. It may be the most beautiful of the lot but it works. All important feature buttons such as shuffle and repeat are correct on the playback screen. You also get features like sleep timer, playback speed control, speaker control, equalizer etc. The hidden settings option in the hamburger menu has several important and advanced options to get the player out of the most. You can also find how to control the map control and how you want to get the best out of it. One of my favourite features is to tap the name of the song and get important song details such as singer, composer, genre, year, file type, bitrate and storage location.


alt="Best Music App for Android"

Google Play Music

The official Google Play Music app is mostly known for its ability to upload 50,000 songs from its collection and stream songs from any device. You can listen to your favourite music directly from the Internet at no cost. All you need is a registered account and a good internet connection. This service allows you to search, listen and share your favourite music. With the premium service, you can enjoy millions of songs, podcast, listen to personal radio and search for more songs from your favourite artists. Recently the company announced that it would discontinue play music and merge the service with YouTube music which would also contain millions of music videos. We suggest that you install both applications and prepare for transition.


alt="Best Music App for Android"


Deezer is another popular name in the music streaming market. With a list of over 56 million songs, it offers one of the largest online music libraries. It may not offer as huge a collection of podcasts as Spotify but makes up for it with live radio support. The app provides a Song Catcher feature that identifies songs playing around you. With Deezer Flow, you can tell the app about your music taste and it will create the perfect music mix for you based on your taste. You can also enjoy Deezer with the ability to play songs on your TV with your connected devices. The desktop version of Deezer also allows you to upload MP3 files. However, on non-mobile devices the free version only lets you listen to 30-second songs. You need to subscribe to one of the premium plans to play full songs on non-mobile devices. You can add up to six premium profiles on one account, allowing you to share your love of music with the whole family. Like Spotify, Deezer also offers several membership plans, including a student plan.


alt="Best Music App for Android"


Shazam is a great music recognition app to know which song is playing in the background instantly. It is a music discovery tool that is also the top chart by countries. Once you find the song, Shazam allows you to go directly to other music apps such as Spotify or Google Play Music, to play tracks, add to a playlist, or watch music videos on Apple Music or YouTube. For many songs, the app also displays songs to read while listening.

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