Best Ways To Earn Spectral Pages In Festival Of The Lost


Spectral Pages are an event currency that Guardians can earn during Destiny 2‘s Festival of the Lost. The event started on October 18, 2022 and ends on November 8, 2022. Players have a limited time to acquire all of the Spectral Pages needed for this year’s Festival of the Lost. This currency is used to earn additional loot and fill the Book of the Forgotten.

During the Festival of the Lost. Guardians acquire lots of candies and will earn limited-time guns. Three of these weapons were available in previous iterations of the event. Players can add the new Mechabre sniper rifle Destiny 2 to their collection this year. Event weapons drop from the loot box at the end of the Haunted Sector playlist. By holding Spectral Pages, Guardians can increase the chance of acquiring their desired God Roll for these weapons.


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Festival of the Lost’s main gameplay loop consists of players collecting Spectral Pages and completing rounds from the Haunted Sector playlist. Guardians will first need to acquire a festival mask and the Gone but not forgotten Eva Levante’s quest in The Tower. Spectral Pages can only be obtained when this mask is equipped. Killing Headless in a Haunted Sector will convert this currency into Manifest Pages. A total of 15 can be done each round, ten before the final boss and five after. Converting more Spectral Pages will increase the chances of getting additional loot.

How To Earn Spectral Pages Fast In Festival Of The Lost

Spectral Pages drop from almost every game mode, such as reading list activities in Destiny 2. As long as a Festival Mask is equipped, Guardians will continue to earn this currency. Leveling up activities will also reward more Spectral Pages. Although it’s not a lot, two pages can be acquired from public events and three from heroic public events. This is, by far, the easiest and fastest way for solo players to earn Spectral Pages. The EDZ always has many public events happening, and they’re usually close to a landing zone.

As demonstrated by the YouTube content creator Jarv, Guardians with at least one other Fireteam member can mine Spectral Pages much more effectively. Players will need to have Destiny 2′The Witch Queen expansion and start a campaign mission. Jarv launches The last chance, but it can be done on any mission. The guardians will have to go to the final encounter and wipe the team on the boss. Then a Fireteam member must switch to a different character, “saving” the checkpoint. They join and complete the mission. The player with the checkpoint reconnects to their previous character invites their friends to the checkpoint, then switches again. This process can be repeated and will reward between 9 and 10 spectral pages.

Guardians will need a lot of this currency to get their weapons of choice and complete the Book of the Forgotten. Nine Manifested Pages can be turned into a pedestal next to Eva Levante to unlock a page of a volume. Currently the Book of the Forgotten has Volume 1 and Volume 2. Players in Destiny 2 will have to work fast to gather the required Spectral Pages, as the Festival of the Lost ends on November 8, 2022.

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