Big Zulu backs Lobengula boy, LA Beatz producer


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Mthabisi Tshuma, showbiz journalist

ZIMBABWE-born LA Beatz is the guy from Big Zulu and Inkabi Nation! The rhythm master who is behind Big Zulu’s single Imali Eningi, went home in style, performing to a host of grateful fans at the Sanganai/Hlanganani Music Festival held at the Center Arena on Saturday. Zimbabwe International Exhibitions.

It was a heartwarming moment when Big Zulu introduced the “young” man to perform.

All LA Beatz needed to assert his position in the City of Kings and Queens was a call from Big Zulu asking for Lobengula fans which was met with wild cheers and hands in the air.

Big Zulu’s massive appeal in front of the LA Beatz folks was one of the priceless highlights of a concert that brought together artists from Zimbabwe and South Africa.

“It’s good to be home and honestly the feeling is overwhelming, especially with all this support. It’s amazing,” LA Beatz told Chronicle Showbiz on the sidelines of the first-ever Sanganai/Hlanganani Family Music Festival. .

The crowd represented people from all over the country and foreign delegates who wanted to relax after the success of the expo, with a sense of the local nightlife and a bit of the country’s cultural heritage.

Diversity and fun brought together families with well catered for children with activities that had been arranged for them including bouncy castles and trampolines.

Local DJs including DJ Nospa came to the party and entertained the fun seekers. Between kwaito jams, techno, Amapiano and Zimdancehall, the arena was lit up with people dancing and jostling.

DJ Nospa

Performances by Sandra Ndebele and Bulawayo loverboy Msiz’kay boosted energy levels during the show.


Djembe Monks also brought their A-game with their display of a fusion of sounds from different centuries.

Fab G UmshanakaGogo did not disappoint and Lwa Ndlunkulu from South Africa was well received with her soothing voice. She performed her songs.

For Isginci hit-maker Mduduzi Ncube, fans were beside themselves every time his name was mentioned but unexpectedly he didn’t come to the party as he failed to fully engage with his fans.


Her lip-singing stance destroyed chemistry with fans feeling aggrieved as they hoped to get a feel for her live performance of Putsununu and other hits.
It was a bad day at the office for him, compounded by a technical glitch that ruined his 15-minute set.

He managed to make up for those flaws, however, with a teaser for his next single which saw him leave the stage and descend towards the crowds that swarmed him.

Inkabi Nation leader Big Zulu took the stage just after midnight and thanked people for turning out in droves for an event that was a big part of an effort to ‘re-engage’ Zimbabwe in the international world .

“Kumnandi ukuba lapha ekhaya eZimbabwe,” Big Zulu chanted as he greeted the fans.
This was LA Beatz’ defining moment as he joined Big Zulu for Imali Eningi’s performance. To spice things up, the Inkabi Nation family got together and performed their traditional Zulu dances which impressed many.

When the instrumental Umuzi eSandton was played, the crowd went out of control.

Big Zulu performing in Bulawayo for the second time, this time was accompanied by Lwa Ndlunkulu, the sensational singer he featured on this track among many others. Afterwards, the Inkabi Nation bid farewell to their fans after giving them a good time dancing.

Greater Zulu and Lwa Ndlunkulu

Then it was Costa Tich. The pint-sized entertainer provided the much needed energy with his dance moves which, as seen on TikTok, are quite entertaining. The track Big Flexa was the indispensable spark that lit up the concert.

Costa Tich

The concert was then over and event attendees left for different nightclubs that had lined up numerous events, with most flocking to the Cosmopolitan NightClub where Oskido was performing. – @mthabisi_mthire


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