Biggest box office bombs of 2021


The problems with “Chaos Walking” were apparent long before its first box office receipts arrived. In 2018, it was revealed that the film would be undergoing extensive revisions, which would push it back to its original date of March 2019. From there, the official release date nebulous reminded, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the theatrical exhibition space further hampering its ability to crush on a specific day.

Once it was finally discontinued in March 2021, “Chaos Walking” made its market debut. where Los Angeles cinemas still weren’t open. Additionally, lead performers Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley had found box office fame headlining the “Star Wars” and “Spider-Man” films, but had yet to prove their names alone. could attract an audience. On top of all this, the source material for “Chaos Walking” was far from ubiquitous as the text that served as the basis for Lionsgate’s other titles “Divergent” and “The Hunger Games”.

Considering all of these, it’s no surprise that the movie just made $ 26.4 million with a budget of $ 100 million. Even looking at the box office standards of titles released in the midst of the pandemic, “Chaos Walking” has had disappointing financial returns. To compare, he came behind the titles like “The Little Things,” “The Unholy,” and “Nomadland,” many of which had concurrent streaming releases and much smaller budgets to their name. Such a terribly bad global box office was a disappointing ending to a film that had long been in the throes of trouble.


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