Billy Eichner on creating ‘Bros’ with ‘hilarious, deeply talented, and openly LGBTQ+ artists’


“Bros” star and co-writer Billy Eichner, co-star Luke Macfarlane, producer Judd Apatow and director Nick Stoller (“Neighbours”) know how much the film is in the spotlight, the very first major studio romantic comedy featuring two gay characters. Released by Universal, it opens wide on September 30.

After the film’s weekend premiere, all four sat down with Senior Reporter Brian Welk at TheWrap and Shutterstock’s Interview and Portrait Studio at the Toronto Film Festival to discuss how they would all make it and hopefully- the, create a romantic comedy for the age.

“I was just starring in things that Nick was directing. I had never written a movie,” Eichner said. “He said we wanted his next movie to be a romantic comedy, because he loves romantic comedies, and he thought it would be cool if his next one was about a gay couple. And he said, ‘Would you like to you guys write it with me and if all goes well play it, I’ll direct it, hopefully Judd will produce it?” »

“Who’s got his shit together!” Stoller intervened.

“Which isn’t a mess,” Eichner continued. “What happens if that person falls in love with someone who too prides himself on not being emotionally available? »

In the R-rated comedy, already cited for its realistic portrayals of gay men having sex, Eichner plays Bobby, a brash and brutal podcaster who runs an LGBTQ+ museum and falls for Macfarlane real estate attorney Garth Brooks. Aaron, who is quite a different representative of the community they both inhabit.

Billy Eichner's 'bros' hit Toronto with big laughs and steamy sex advice

“It’s interesting to see, as an actor, how many faults I can have [with a character] and still get away with making the love story happen,” Macfarlane said, adding that he sometimes pushes back on the rougher aspects of his character, thinking they might be too off-putting. “I saw the movie yesterday and I was like, ‘Aaron, you’re such an asshole!'”

Eichner agreed, noting that Bobby and Aaron are “both assholes at various times, but that’s the way people are”.

Stoller assured Macfarlane that he was in good stead: “I remember telling you, the more flawed and real you are, the more the public is going to support you to figure out your shit.”

Billy Eichner is dating the

Apatow, a movie veteran exploring minefield relationships and stubborn male growth (“Knocked Up,” “This is 40”), commented on the historic nature of “Bros.”

“It’s a very special experience, but it starts with Nick and Billy having this really great idea,” Apatow said. “And then later in the process it starts to hit you what that means to people and what’s the value beyond making a movie that’s really entertaining and funny.”

Eichner added that nearly all of the actors in the film are LGBTQ+, another rarity in a studio comedy. “We have all had challenges and are bound by it. And they’re hilarious… What we’ve discovered is that there are so many hilarious, deeply talented, and openly LGBTQ+ artists who have never had the opportunity to shine in a film of this magnitude.

For the full conversation on “Bros,” click the video above. The film will be released nationwide on September 30.

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