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Celebrating and appreciating the world of birds is more important than ever, especially in this region. This is because WNY is home to the Niagara River Globally Significant Bird Area, where birds from around the world come to mate and breed.

The annual Birds on the Niagara (BON22) festival may have started small, but these days it’s grown into quite a business. Thanks to so many dedicated bird watchers in the region, BON22 will engage with people around the world, in person and virtually, helping to ensure that Ramsar-designated Wetlands of International Importance (aka the Niagara River Strait ) are duly stored to the best of our abilities.

Registration is now open for the Birds on the Niagara Festival, which will be held From Thursday February 10 to Sunday February 13 (see complete schedule).

From the organizers of BON22:

Over 10 in-person bird walks led by local birders at locations along the Niagara River corridor on both sides of the border, recorded and live online presentations, panel discussions and online auctions. Registration is mandatory for all programs. See below for virtual programming. All walks and in-person programs can be viewed in the registration link below. Space is limited for each of these in-person programs.

Virtual programs are free. Registration is mandatory (click here to register). Donations accepted with gratitude.

Range of BON22 virtual programs (more to come!)

Project Snowstorm – Caught in the Snowstorm

Conservation and research of the snowy owl

Presenter: Scott Weidensaul, Co-Founder

Snow Storm Project

Indigenous stories and traditions

Music, stories and readings, embracing regional traditional cultures of Northeastern Indigenous cultures

Presenter: Joseph Bruchac, musician, author and storyteller Nulhegan Abenaki Elder

Purple Swifts Migration Tracking for Frequent Flyers

Speaker: Bridget Stuchbury, York University

Gardening for birds

How to Create a Nature-Focused and Attractive Outdoor Space

Presenter: Natasha Barlow, Birds Canada

I’m a photographer?, I’m an ornithologist?, I’m both!

How to Find, View, and Get Great Birding Images on the Shores of Lake Erie and the Niagara River in Canada

Presenter: Larry Mathewson, photographer and videographer

Niagara extinct

Creating a “Lights Out” Movement for a Bird-Safe Niagara Region

Presenter: Arthur Pearson, Executive Director Roger Tory Peterson Institute

New York and its Lights Out programs

Presenter: Kaitlyn Parkins, Director of Conservation and Science at Audubon in New York

RAMSAR – The Niagara River Wetlands of International Importance

Presented by: University at Buffalo Law Clinic

Niagara River Colonial Waterbirds

Learn about Tern Island, Blue Herons, Green Herons and other nesting species

Presenter: Connie Adams New York State Department of Conservation

Bird Watching at Niagara River State Parks

Learn about birds and birding spots at New York State Parks on the Niagara River

Presenter: Matt Nustein, New York State Parks Naturalist and Educator

The New York State Bird Trail

Learn about New York’s New Online Birding and Sightseeing Initiative, New York State Birding Trail and Niagara Region Component

Presenter: Kayla Baker, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, 50 years later

Learn about the impacts in the Niagara region of this landmark treaty and what we can do moving forward

Presenter: Margaret Wooster

Why Nature in the Niagara River Corridor Matters

Learn about the importance of bird and fish biodiversity in the Niagara River Corridor Globally Significant Bird Area

Presenter: Jay Burney, President of BON

Top 10 reasons to save Waverly Woods from Fort Erie Ontario

Waverly Woods is one of the most critical and relatively intact natural areas remaining on the Niagara River Corridor coastline. It is the breeding ground for endangered bird species. It also has great historical significance. It is seriously threatened by development.

Presenter: Marcie Jacklin, President of Community Voices of Fort Erie

Niagara Gulls

From Canada’s perspective

Presenter: Justin Peter, Ontario Field Ornithologists

Niagara Gulls

From the perspective of the United States

Presenter: Tom Kerr, Naturalist and Educator, Buffalo Audubon Society

Grass Island Conservation Update

Grass Island is a small habitat located in the Niagara River adjacent to Buckhorn Marsh State Park. It benefits breeding fish and provides a perch for migrating purple kingfishers. It is also a favorite party spot for summer boaters. Find out what is being done to protect this valuable wildlife habitat.

Presenter: David Spiering, New York State Parks

What is your favorite bird?

Tom Kerr and Jay Burney (Birds on the Niagara TV) have been busy interviewing birders you may already know on this topic for BON22. They have created a series of short programs that you can watch.

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