BLINK Cincinnati founding partner leaves this year’s festival


CINCINNATI — A day after BLINK Cincinnati announced plans to return to northern Kentucky in 2022, one of its founding partners announced it was ending its participation in the art and light festival while planning this year’s event.

Brave Berlin said in a Facebook post that the agency has decided to sever its relationship with the Cincinnati regional chamber, noting that the team’s ideas and creative direction for 2022 “fall on deaf ears. or, in some cases, met with open hostility”.

“Our presence at the leadership table felt more like an honorary courtesy than an active, collaborative partnership,” the agency said. “At the end of March, we had reached the end of our rope and decided it was time for us to move on.”

While Brave Berlin designed and founded the event with its partners, the agency said the chamber leased the Haile Foundation’s BLINK brand and had the final say on “all aspects” of the show.

BLINK Executive Director Justin Brookhart discussed the release of Brave Berlin and its impact on the project.

“They are not involved as collaborators on this year’s project, but we still want to thank and acknowledge them…we are so grateful for the legacy they leave behind that we can build on this year,” says Brookhart.

In their post, Brave Berlin said their team continues to work on different projects and new opportunities to continue bringing the three states closer together.

BLINK will run from October 13-16, with exhibits spanning Findlay Market, Town Centre, Banks and Covington.

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