Calgary folk music festival set for full return in 2022

Selci performed “Ghost” during the Calgary Folk Music Festival lineup announcement for July festival performances, in Calgary on Wednesday, April 27, 2022. ARYN TOOMBS/FOR LIVEWIRE CALGARY

The Calgary Folk Music Festival (CFMF) is back in full swing this year after nearly three years of pandemic restrictions.

From July 21 to 24, the Folk Fest will return to Prince’s Island Park.

CFMF is an annual four-day festival that features 70 local, national and global artists. The festival is one of Canada’s flagship and forward-thinking music festivals with a national and international profile and a broad and innovative programming vision.

“Most of the artists we welcome are new and have never been to the festival or to Calgary,” said Folk Fest artistic director Kerry Clarke.

“There will be about 12 artists from Alberta, 25 from the rest of Canada, 20 from the United States, and about 15 based outside of North America,” she said.

According to Clarke, the festival won’t be much different than it was in 2019 and before. They are one step behind due to the construction that took place on the Jaipur Bridge.

“We have two stages in operation, the Main Stage and the Twilight Stage, which is a huge stage that can probably accommodate around 3,000 people because there will be a lot of standing and dancing,” Clarke said.

“We also have the new flight license, our crafting areas, our artists and market, our food vendors, and the top 10 family area.”

Year-round operation

CFMF is run by the Folk Festival Society, which is a non-profit, registered charity founded in 1980 that produces musical and cultural events throughout the year.

It includes the summer festival, CFMF since 1980, a winter festival, Block Heater since 2016, educational programming and concerts at their own venue, Festival Hall in Inglewood, and other partner venues across Calgary.

The organization is powered by 2,000 volunteers, governed by a board of 13 volunteers and a team of 13 who oversee operations.

Regarding COVID-19 restrictions, Clarke said the CFMF will not impose restrictions different from those the Alberta government has already put in place.

“On our side, organizationally, if people are in closed spaces, we have to wear masks, and certainly if some of the public are not comfortable and would like to wear masks, then we certainly encourage that,” Clarke said.

“There are no specific restrictions in place that are outside of anything the government has, and if they put anything new in place, of course we would.”

Clarke said CFMF is for people of all ages and there are 12,000 people expected each day.

“It’s a very family event. There are shows specifically for kids and families and there are activities,” she said.

“There are still tickets left and we’re expecting a very good crowd, but if people haven’t bought their tickets yet, they certainly still can.”

To attend CFMF 2022, tickets can be purchased in advance online.


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