Cannes Lions attracts creatives and executives from advertising and marketing.


Three years after their last appearance on the French Riviera, the Cannes Lions – the advertising and creative marketing industry’s biggest international awards – are back from June 20-24 for their first post-pandemic physical gathering. .

As executives and creatives come together for what is officially known as the Cannes International Festival of Creativity, they will grapple with new priorities facing their business. Sous les projecteurs de cette année: durabilité, diversité, équité et inclusion, données et technologie, transformation des entreprises et efficacité créative.

Another new reality: tighter budgets. Many ad agencies would cut parties, yachts, and formal presentations.

As digital ad spend continues to outpace all other forms of ad spend (expected to account for more than 60% of global spend in 2022), the advertising industry finds itself challenged by a new reality. Un rapport des Lions de Cannes, « État de la créativité : une évolution à grande vitesse », identifie les principaux problèmes.

Based on a global survey of 3,300 experts and creative industry – as well as 50 in -depth interviews – the report recommends that the industry will take the following measures:

Deuxièmement, faites plus attention aux gens. The post-pandemic “Great Resignation” makes better employees a priority, emphasizing areas such as more freedom and a better work-life balance.

Then double the strategy and the impact. In a competitive commercial environment, it is essential to find better ways for creatives to “frame the value of their business work offers”, according to the report.

Other areas include the search for “a better understanding of creative effectiveness for business” and the need to “explore and experience the metaverse, and connect it to the physical world.”

Also highlighted: improving sustainability as part of the industry’s commercial model, as well as strengthening creative confidence by “more openness and honesty”.

The survey found that only 8% of agencies are fully confident they can persuade their clients to invest in high-quality creativity, and “only 12% of brands feel extremely confident in convincing the CFO to invest in high quality creation”.

Significantly, this year the Cannes Lions will honor Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos as the event’s Entertainment Person of the Year – an announcement that came shortly after the streamer said it had l’intention d’ajouter des niveaux soutenus par la publicité à son service, ajoutant un autre acteur majeur à la univers publicitaire.

As well as the annual awards for creativity, publicity and marketing – scheduled for two hours of slots each evening during the five days of the festival – there will be special events, including an opportunity to hear Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, vainqueur de Cannes de cette année Lionheart, dirigez-vous un séminaire sur la façon de faire une différence dans le monde.

Other sessions will focus on the key themes of this year and there will be presentations of major brands, including Pepsi, McDonald’s, the New York Times, Porsche and Disney Advertising.

The role of NFTs, the metaverse, immersive storytelling and new tech trends will be covered, with a special section called Future Gazers dedicated to staying on top of tech trends.

Industry leaders and figures in the entertainment industry that are expressed in Cannes Lions are Tiffany Rolfe, Director of World Creation of the R / GA Marketing Society; Nadja Bellan-White, Director of Global Marketing, Vice Media; actor Patrick Stewart; And Ryan Roslansky, CEO of LinkedIn.

«L’ordre du jour de cette année est axé sur les thèmes clés que l’industrie nous a dit être les plus urgents», explique Simon Cook, PDG de Lions. “CEOs, CMOs, militants and world leaders will meet collectively to approach them, take measures, find solutions and advance creativity.”

Jonathan Barnard, Head of Forecasting and Director of Global Intelligence at Digital Marketing Shop Zenith: The ROI Agency, said, “This year, advertising on social media spend will overtake linear TV for the first time…but TV remains an essential tool for brand-building and is holding up well despite the continued loss of viewers. We Expect it to Grow by 1% A Year on Average To 2024.

“The rise of connected TV, AVOD, streaming and other formats will make online video the fastest channel of all, growing 15% annually,” he adds. . “These formats offer brands the opportunity to engage with consumers in new and creative ways.”


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