City of Henderson no longer sponsors Henderson Pride Fest after event disputes


LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) — Henderson Pride Fest is just over a month away, but the host is now looking for another venue.

The City of Henderson is no longer sponsoring the event originally scheduled on Water Street. The Henderson Equality Center said after a year of planning with the city, he found the city would no longer sponsor him.

The City of Henderson said it asked the Henderson Equality Center to follow decency laws, free from sexual paraphernalia or sexually explicit content. Officials said they didn’t want to promote vulgar language or explicit content, noting an artist with a vulgar name.

“To get to the point where we had to censor names, to make the community feel like it wasn’t something derogatory or something sexual, it was just the artist you know, playing” , Chris, executive director of Henderson Pride Fest said Davin. “Music is music. Entertainment is entertainment.

Davin also said, “We’ve had other issues, like not allowing condoms to be distributed from the Southern Nevada Health District.”

The City of Henderson said the event could still be held as a private event, but it would not be sponsored by the city. The city also said they wanted the event to be suitable for all ages and found what was being sought was not G-rated.


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