Clubbed Thumb’s 25th Summerworks Festival kicks off May 20 with California


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Clubbed Thumb’s 25th Summerworks Festival kicks off May 20 with California

The festival presents new works by Trish Harnetiaux, Gab Reisman and Angela Hanks.

Trish Harnetiaux, Gab Reisman and Angela Hanks

Obie-winning Clubbed Thumb kicks off its 25th annual Summerworks festival on May 20 with performances by At Trish Harnetiaux California. The festival, which runs through July 2 at The Wild Project, also includes the previously announced spindle shuttle needle and Body They Ritual. All three works are new pieces.

At Harnetiaux California, with Jordan Bellow (Gnit), Ethan Dubin (The passer), Annie Henk (Caveman), Mallory Portnoy (Oklahoma!), and Pete Simpson (Is it a bedroom?), spotlights a road tripping family that takes an unexpected turn on the plains of eastern Oregon. Will Davis leads the Clubbed Thumb commission, which runs until May 31. The creative team includes set designer points, costume designer Mel Ng, lighting designer Oona Curley and sound designer Leah Gelpe. Diane Healy is production manager.

From June 6 to 16, Gab Reisman’s spindle shuttle needle stars Tina Benko (TO HELP), Seth Clayton (I’m pretty fucked up), Zoë Geltman (The world my mama raised), Mia Katigbak (Out of time), Florence Lozano (Narcos) and Monique Saint-Cyr (Thunderbodies) as a group of women surviving an endless siege in a cottage. Tamilla Woodard directs production and leads a creative team consisting of set designer Frank J. Oliva, costume designer Dina El-Aziz, lighting designer Barbara Samuels, sound designer Fan Zhang and choreographer nicHi douglas. Allison Raynes will serve as production manager.

The festival ends with Angela Hanks Body They Ritual June 22-July 2 with Jacqueline Guillen (Caveman), Mahira Kakkar (7minutes), April Mathis (TO HELP), Emily Cass McDonnell (The antipodes), Keilly McQuail(lunch group) and Lizan Mitchell (About Sugarland). After a group of Texas women traveling to a sweat lodge in Santa Fe, Body They Ritual explores what comes to the surface as women attempt to connect with a deeper sense of spirituality. Knud Adams is directing the production with set design by Jian Jung, costume design by Enver Charkartash, lighting design by Stacey Derosier and sound design by Kathy Ruvuna. Raynes serves as production manager.

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