CMK Stratford Flyers make a splash at the New Zealand Junior Festival


KMC Stratford Flyers have had great results at the New Zealand Junior Festival. Photo/ Provided

The KMC Stratford Flyers caused a stir at the New Zealand Junior Festival.

The festival took place in Hamilton from November 11-14.

The team achieved excellent results in the relay, reaching the podium several times. The star won the 6x50m freestyle relay where one from each age group had to swim.

Quin Bishop, Jaiah Otene, Marnie Smith, Payton Kolevski, Kiarhn Robinson and Geordie Smith enjoyed receiving a ribbon for this event and standing on the podium.

Three first results:
Payton Kolevski 11 years old: 1st 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 2nd 50m backstroke and 200m medley. Jaiah Otene 11 years old: 1st 50m, 100m and 200m breaststroke, 2nd 200m backstroke, 3rd 100m backstroke, 100m individual medley, 50m backstroke and 200m medley. Kiarhn Robinson 10 years old: 1st 50m and 100m freestyle, 200m medley and 2nd 50m butterfly, 100m medley and 100m butterfly.

Lillie Belau, Quin Bishop, Ashley Mattock and Mark Robinson placed in the top 10 and the personal best times were achieved by the swimmers above and Lachlan Graham, Celia Gribble, George Macdonald, Mckenzie Reed, Billie Smith, Geordie Smith , Marnie Smith and Olive Smith.


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