Columbia International Festival Returns to State Fairgrounds May 21-22 | Colombia


The 27th annual Columbia International Festival returns to the South Carolina State Fairgrounds from Saturday, May 21-22 and will showcase the state’s multicultural community through food, music, performing arts , etc.

This year, festival organizers will focus on Asia and the Pacific Islands to mark Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Ukraine will also return as one of the featured national exhibitors and performances.

The festival has celebrated more than 100 cultures around the world since 1996, and tens of thousands of people attend each year.

“This is the largest gathering of its kind in the state and probably in the Southeast region,” said Columbia International Festival Director Dr. Raj Aluri. “The festival is the perfect way for people to travel the world and experience rich and diverse traditions without using a passport.”

Here’s what attendees can expect at the two-day festival:

  • International Food Court – Taste the exotic flavors of foreign cuisines from around the world (Saturday and Sunday).
  • Cultural Entertainment – ​​Cultural groups representing many countries will perform on the festival stage.
  • International Fashion Show – See beautiful traditional clothing that distinguishes cultures around the world.
  • International Bazaar – Shop for authentic clothing, handicrafts, jewelry and souvenirs imported from various countries.
  • Cultural Demonstrations – Learn something new, do origami, use chopsticks, write in another script, etc.
  • Parade of Nations – Watch traditionally dressed representatives proudly display the flags of their home countries in the annual parade on Saturdays at 2 p.m.

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