Creative Producer – Dark Mofo Night Mass


Full time, CDD (9 months)
Hobart, Tasmania

DarkLab, the team behind Dark Mofo, is looking for a creative producer to envision and deliver a site specific underground festival club experience – Night Mass. As a creative producer, you will be responsible for the creative concept and the search for artists and performers. in keeping with the theme of the festival. You will work closely with Dark Mofo’s programming and production team on club delivery and potentially other creative festival projects.

The concert:

  • Develop a creative brief for the festival club in line with the festival theme developed by the artistic director.
  • Translate the creative brief into a sprawling, unique club experience – including site design, diverse programming, guest experience and event calendar.
  • Identify unique locations in which the festival club can be produced.
  • Identify and engage potential artists and performers in accordance with the creative brief; assist the Music Director in identifying performers.
  • Work with the venue design and technical production team to co-design the club’s interior design, technical production and resource requirements to run the event. Obtain appropriate quotations for the provision of services and adapt design and production accordingly.
  • With project and area managers, assess key operational and security risks associated with the event and identify plans to manage them, including crowd and traffic management.
  • Work with the Project Manager to produce the event according to time, budget and compliance requirements, ensuring that the production runs according to the creative concept.
  • Work with design and marketing teams to produce appropriate marketing and other materials needed to support project delivery.
  • Provide progress updates to the Art Director and Executive Producer, advising them on timelines and actual budget figures.
  • Liaise with stakeholders including venues, artists, agents and promoters.

The you:

  • Deep and highly networked knowledge of contemporary art, music and performance practices within the creative industries
  • 5-10 years of experience programming and delivering creative events within parameters of time, budget and creative risk
  • Extensive experience in researching and engaging artists
  • Organized, calm and able to manage competing priorities in an agile festival environment.
  • Proficiency in event management and planning software
  • A collaborative team leader, experienced in team leadership and problem solving in a matrix environment.
  • Specialized in operational issues and risk management.

Does this sound like you? Apply now.
Closing of applications on September 20 at 5 p.m.


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