David Douglas senior Awek De Piok joins Portland Rose Festival Court 2022


Awek De Piok was crowned Friday as the representative of David Douglas High School at Portland Rose Festival Court 2022.

Daughter of Amol Yong and Abraham Piok, the eldest of David Douglas plans to study nursing at the University of Portland. At David Douglas, she is a college basketball player and vice president of the Black Student Union.

The Rose Festival Court announcements began last week when the Underground Princesses were named. Additional members of the tribunal to date are:

In all, 15 Portland-area high school students will serve in the field. Each will receive a $3,500 scholarship provided by The Randall Group and one-on-one mentorship hosted by Unitus Community Credit Union.

The announcements continue Monday in Roosevelt and Tuesday in Jefferson. The final member of the court will be named March 18 in Grant, and the Queen of Rosaria 2022 will be crowned June 10 in Peninsula Park.

After two years of scaled-down festivities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Rose Festival will bring back its major parades and in-person events in 2022, starting with fireworks and the opening of City Fair on May 27 and culminating with the Grand Floral Parade on June 11.

Learn more about Princess Awek De Piok, as told at the Portland Rose Festival.

Awek De Piok was crowned Princess of David Douglas on the 2022 Portland Rose Festival Court on Friday. Than Truc Nhan (left) and Sophia Day were also contestants.Courtesy of Portland Rose Festival

Future education projects: I plan to further my education at the University of Portland School of Nursing.

Career plans: I plan to become a maternal-fetal nurse.

High school activities and honors: I received a basketball award in 2019-20 from the Northwest League 3rd Team All-Star (2A).

Hobbies and Special Interests: I like to do a bit of everything; I also like to be in places that challenge me. I participate in the David Douglas Black Student Union and am currently one of the vice presidents of the club. I played basketball for over nine years, including four years on the varsity basketball team. I also enjoy participating in community events.

What is your favorite place to visit in Portland and why? I love visiting downtown Portland because it’s when my dad and I have to go out. Being the eldest of seven children doesn’t give anyone much time with either parent and with that going downtown has always given me time with my dad which I enjoyed. I always learn something new every time we go downtown so this is my favorite place.

What are you most proud of during your high school career? I am proud of my growth throughout my high school years. When I started high school, I didn’t understand the value of self-esteem. It was something my dad always preached to me, but no matter how many times he told me, I never understood the concept. I understand now what he meant. If you don’t love and value yourself, it’s hard for someone else to do that. I think that’s the best thing I’ve learned so far.

What is your favorite Rose Festival event and why? Although I have never attended the Rose Festival, I remember watching it online with my family. My favorite event would have to be the Starlight Parade. I love this event because, like the whole Rose Festival, it brings together people from all walks of life. I love the unity it brings to the community. I think it’s the one thing my family and I looked forward to watching every year. I also like the lights.

Unitus Community Credit Union Mentor: Edina Rizvic.

—Kjerstin Gabrielson, [email protected]


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