Delighted to organize a music festival in Jaipur: Jayateerth Mevundi

Jayateerth Mevundi is delighted that the Bolava Vitthal Abhangwani concert, a musical treat that has been delighting Bengalureans for 16 years, is back after a pandemic-induced two-year hiatus.

Mevundi, one of Kirana Gharana’s leading musicians who was associated with the concert, said, “Bolava Vitthal Abhangwani’s concert is popular to celebrate Ashadi Ekadashi. People expect the devotional songs every year which we are happy to perform. This year, for the first time, Bolava Vitthal will be held in Jaipur, where I will perform some of my new compositions, as well as the old and famous Abhangs. We are able to worship God through Abhangs. I am honored and grateful to Shashi Vyas for directing Bolava Vitthal.

On how the pandemic has affected live musicians, Jayatheerth explains, “It has been difficult for everyone. I think we’ve had enough of lockdowns. I’ve done virtual gigs during lockdown, but nothing beats live performances that elicit an instant reaction from the audience. This is the ultimate joy for us.

Jayatheerth notices many changes among the audience while performing in different cities. “There are people who like to listen to the melody, the lyrics or the rhythm of the music. As a musician, I love them all. As each individual’s taste is different, it helps me avoid stagnation and rediscover myself,” he says.

The musician who has performed in Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi and Marathi, adds, “I worked at All Indian Radio in Goa so I chose Marathi. Singing in different languages ​​came naturally to me which is a plus for musicians as we can play across India,” shares Jayateerth.

Jayatheerth also lent her voice for a Marathi movie song. “But, I think filmi music is not my team cut,” he concludes.


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