Dexta Daps and Iyara to headline Bellevue Music Fest


Dancehall star Dexta Daps delivered a marquee performance at the Bellevue Music Festival held in the outdoor venue of the Genasis Event Center in Orlando, Florida last week.

the Chabba Madda The pot singer wowed female audiences with a steady stream of his hits such as Bring it to the ownerand latest news.

“Ladies, could you be my choir please?” he asked at one point during the performance, and the women responded earnestly, picking up on his performance for extended stretches.

He worked every inch of the stage, interacting with his audience, touching their outstretched hands, while serenading them to songs such as “WiFi,” “7Eleven” and the perennial audience favorite, “Call Me If “.

“I want to try new things, I feel like I’m in one vibe,” he said as he launched into a new song, Slippery A Way, and “If Yu Nah Chap It.”

Dexta Daps himself feigned surprise at the enthusiastic response to his new songs.

“Look at her, she knows the whole song,” he said at one point, as one girl in particular seemed to sing every song enthusiastically.

The excitement in the room came to a head when he delivered “Breaking News.”


“Can my sweet vagina girls scream for me please?” He asked. The women agreed as he launched into the song, and when the girls drowned out his voice singing “just poison him”, and Dexta Daps interposed “don’t do that ladies”, and they shouted at the in unison, forcing him to pull up the song.

He won forwards for an energetic rendition of ‘7Eleven’ and the combination with Tifa called ‘Jealous Ova’. The girls attempted to drag him off stage, and he flirted with them, cheekily declaring, “Ah, wrong foot, you grabbed, ah, third leg, you grabbed.”

The girls were cursing. He invited a girl on stage and danced energetically with her for “Bring it to the Owner”.

Bellevue Music artist Iyara was also in top form that night. Dressed in white with a red jacket, he took the stage and delivered a spicy 12-minute set with bangers like Pressure Cooker, Naa Dweet, Never Bad Gyal, and landed his first striker with Live Cash.


He kept the energy blazing with ‘Rich and Wealthy’ and crowd favorite ‘Yaadman Up Inna Farrin’. He deejayed a new song called “Mi Love Top Gal” over an instrumental Turkey in the Straw often used on ice cream trucks which attracted a few mainstream attackers, especially when he invited a busty girl to join him. on the scene.


Emerging artists such as Blade Merital, JMulaj, Drizzy Fade, Stylysh, Ryme Minista and Fyah Bigz have graced the stage. Broadcaster Nikki Z shared hosting duties with Wally British and Taz Timeless.

Byron Somers, the show’s organizer, said he was pleased with the high quality performances and strong turnout.


“The first Bellevue Music Fest was a great success, the town of Bellevue has one of the most spectacular views on the island and that’s where I come from, and to see the spectacular turnout, 1400 screaming fans, c “It was a great sight too. I look forward to more shows like this,” Somers said.

He credited promoters Shabba and MBR who helped guide him to his debut show.

Somers (left) and Tawanna Jones, CEO of Mineral Boss Records

“They were involved from the start, I have some great people in my corner who will definitely make BellevueMusicFest an event of the future,” he said.

Bellevue Music Fest was sponsored by the Negril Jamaican Resturant and the Sekou Law Group.


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