Eric Church reveals his sure-fire hangover cure: “works every time”


It’s no secret that Eric Church is a fan of good whiskey: he has a song called “Jack Daniels” and his own Eric Church Single Barrel Select edition of Jack. So when it comes to hangovers, it’s no surprise that The Chief has a sure-fire cure.

In anticipation of New Years Eve, when those of drinking age tend to have a little too much, Church shares her hangover remedies. Yes, you read that right, he has several hangover remedies.

“The best hangover cure – I have two.” One is the energy of 5 hours [bottles], because of all the B vitamins it contains. You can start hammering them, and either it’ll work or it’ll keep you awake and prolong your misery, ”Church assures us.

“But the other one I have is taking two Advils and a beer in the morning. Dog hair, man, it works every time,” he adds.

There you go – according to Church, a hangover can be cured quite easily with a quick trip to the convenience store.

Éric Church; Courtesy photo ACM Awards

Church, who is in the middle of his Gather Again tour, has no shows in the books for New Years Eve, so I hope he takes his own advice if he wakes up on New Years Day. with hangover.

The superstar’s next scheduled tour date is Friday, Jan. 7 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Gather Again tour is slated to run through May 2022, with several dates postponed later in the year. Church is also slated to perform at a number of country music festivals in 2022, including the Barefoot Country Music Fest in Wildwood, New Jersey and Country Jam 2022 in Mack, Colorado.

The massive show, with a circular stage, supports Church’s three albums, Heart soul, which were published in the spring of 2021.


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