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Fairs And Festivals Of India – Enjoy The Country’s Colourful Side

Indians love to celebrate. In all forms and ways. Be it a victory in a match or a chariot procession or a wedding procession, the excitement never fades among Indians. They know how to make the most of the occasions by making them memorable for the whole life. And this is what summarizes the spirit of festivities in the country.

With the onset of every year, the calendar is almost blocked with one celebration or another. In fact, the first thing people do while observing the calendar is to check the date and months on which their particular festivals are falling. Since the calendar followed in India is lunar, the dates of the annual festivals vary every year. This is the prime reason why having a calendar matters. With this activity, they find out the months, days and not to forget, the upcoming holiday schedules in the New Year.

In their minds, the people here visualize their family time in sheer festivity. This simple thought of celebration fascinates them and they eagerly await for the festivals to come. In short, Indians look out for the relief from the daily hectic schedules and enjoy the welcoming change of life.

The change might be in the form of seasons, sowing, harvesting, etc. Being farming backed country, India has a penchant for farming based festivals. There are different festivals in different regions of the country dedicated to the rituals around farming. Lohri, Baisakhi, Bihu, Onam, Vishu are some of the farming festivals that are enjoyed with great gusto.

Also, the festivals around monsoon season are also celebrated with equal zeal throughout the country. Rain is considered as the primary factor in the Indian economy. Farmers after sowing the seeds in their fields eagerly arrive for the monsoons for natural irrigation. And when the rain showers reach their fields, they rejoice the occasion. The timely arrival of rains brings with them a guarantee of fertile produce. People celebrate the onset of rains with many religious festivals.

Teej, Rakshabandhan, Adi Perukku are some of the prominent festivals enjoyed with great gusto during rains. There are different boat-racing festivals that are organized in different villages of Kerala. The boats are the symbol of movement in Kerala. The special festivals organized here keep alive the boating legacy in the villages. The boatmen compete in teams with each other and exhibit their skill of steering the snake boats in the right direction. Best teams are awarded and the festivities continue with the processions and floats. In short, it all is a spectacular experience that beholds all the senses completely.

In autumn, the festive spree again overshadows the life here with the onset of festivals like Durga Pooja, Dussehra, Diwali. One after the other, these celebrations brings in the joys and happiness to every individual. And bring colours to the dull and monotonous life. In winters, the country again decks up to enjoy the cold season with the festivities around Christmas, New Year, Lohri and Makar Sankranti.

Fairs and festival tours of India bring out a rich opportunity to experience the vibrant Indian side of the country. Tourists can enjoy the colourful side of Indian culture during this exciting trip.

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