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RALEIGH, North Carolina, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Two years ago, the pandemic crippled lives. Suddenly, everyday activities like going out to dinner, enjoying a night out with friends, or attending a local event came to a halt. Festivals, craft fairs and other events have all had to be suspended for everyone’s safety.

Today, FestivalNet is here to announce that festivals of all kinds are coming back — and they’ll be better than ever! With all the time we’ve spent indoors and practicing social distancing, we yearn for social interaction, entertainment, and inclusion in our community. FestivalNet is proud to announce that the time has finally come. 2022 is the year of the return of the festival.

The Savannah Music Festival has re-emerged on the festival scene after a two-year hiatus. Like so many nationwide events, festival organizers used the time to plan and reschedule. After being postponed since 2019, Coachella returns with one of the most exciting lineups the festival has ever featured. Likewise, Float Fest at Gonzalez, Texas is another popular music festival that is making a comeback.

FestivalNet has created a community of promoters, artisans, artists, musicians, event coordinators and festival goers to help bring everyone together. With a comprehensive database of fairs, festivals and events across the country, FestivalNet is here to help everyone prepare for the new era of festivals and events coming to communities around the world. North America. Whether you’re a crafter, artist, musician, coordinator or festival-goer, FestivalNet can help you get back on track and participating in local events again.

FestivalNet is here to announce that it’s finally time to enjoy musicians and rediscover local artists. It’s time to fulfill the dream of ditching the nine-to-five office job and taking your passion or hobby to the next level by making a career out of it. It’s time to bring artists together with art lovers, musicians with fans, independent artisans with buyers. It’s time to move on, have fun, and start enjoying the new normal.

Access FestivalNet with a free basic subscription to find events in a region, as well as post events to discover talented and creative artists, artisans and event suppliers. FestivalNet also offers the ability to post items online for sale and learn more about participating in events as a seller through the Pro Membership option.

Find out about upcoming events and register to become a member at: https://festivalnet.com/

About FestivalNet
FestivalNet is a network of artists, musicians, artisans, event coordinators, vendors, promoters and festival-goers providing the perfect platform to bring festival-goers together. FestivalNet operates on two levels: the company provides an online marketplace for independent artisans and artists to sell their wares, and second, it provides a community of makers, buyers, sellers and promoters to help make festivals a success for everyone involved.

FestivalNet has been serving the festival community since 1996. During that time, the company has generated over 1.3 million monthly visitors and published event data from over 17,000 festivals, fairs and other events at worldwide. North America. FestivalNet provides a comprehensive database of festivals and fairs, streamlining the process of connecting festival organizers with those who wish to participate, as well as attendees. In this way, FestivalNet helps independent craftspeople and musicians expand their reach, while introducing individuals to more of the things they love.

Whether you are a vendor, event planner, artist, musician or festival goer, you can find out more about FestivalNet opportunities on our website: https://festivalnet.com/

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