Float Fest ends with a bang – literally


By Vandy Van Epps, Gonzales Inquirer

The stars were big and bright in Gonzales’ heart this past weekend. Music, camping and hits took over Gonzales as Float Fest 2022 drew music stars, music lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Headliners Marshmello, Cage the Elephant, Chance the Rapper, Vampire Weekend and Deadmau5 brought their music and talent to festival attendees over the weekend, along with an assortment of talented artists who made the memorable event for the participants.

Joanne Amard, from Georgetown, Texas, said she was looking forward to Deadmau5 and Cage the Elephant, even though she didn’t know the other artist, but “all the others are just a nice bonus”.

Float Fest drew over 15,000 people to the two-day event with people floating down the river, camping and listening to their favorite artists, as well as festival vendors and local shopkeepers.

A local Austin artist had the chance to perform at his first major festival in his home country.

Me Nd Adam, from Austin, consists of two members, Adam Walker and Vincent Winnick, who perform the Americana style of electronic music; a mix of alternative country and electronic music.

Walker and Winnick were thrilled to be part of the festival and to work through collaborations with other artists. Walker said they worked with Nightcap in a collaboration and will release their collaboration on August 10.

“As for the rest of the people on this bill, obviously we’d (also) like to work with them one day.” says Walker. He also mentioned that they hope Walker and Winnick hope to collaborate with Aly & AJ, as well as possibly Marshmello in the future.

When asked if they had previously planned to visit Gonzales, they enthusiastically responded that they were interested to know that this was the birthplace of Texas independence.

“They tell you about the Alamo about 10 times going around the second, fourth, seventh year (and it) goes on and on. I’ve always heard of Gonzales and it’s wonderful to be here and see him in person.” says Walker.

Winnick added: “When you go to Dick’s Sporting Goods you see all these flags and different corn hole signs and say ‘Come and take it’, so now we’re in the land of ‘Come and take it.

Many attendees from all over Texas and the continental United States were very excited to be at the festival, with some eager to see Vampire Weekend, Marshmello, Cage the Elephant and other headliners.

Alejandra Briones, of Fort Worth, arrived on Sunday with her friends on a last-minute trip and she said they drove up and bought their tickets the night before. Looking forward especially to Cage the Elephant and Lord Huron, hoping to hear his favorite songs ‘Social Cues’ and ‘Meet Me in the Woods’ at his first ever music festival. Briones expressed his great excitement to be part of the fun:

“I think it’s fun. I wish it wasn’t so hot because the sun kills. Brians said. “But it’s really fun to interact with people and meet new people, and the music too, there’s a lot of bands I haven’t heard of and that’s really cool.”

The festival took place as the state faced triple-digit weather for several weeks, and Cedar Park Firefighter and Capitol Medical Service Chairman Sean Cone said he attended to attendees and multiple heat related issues during the festival.

“We’ve had a steady flow of patients, but the festival has done a really good job of providing the resources we need; water trucks and ice water, so we were able to sort out all the issues,” Cone said.

The festival had medical tents near the stages and Cone added that they had plenty of “medical and water support” capable of providing service to concertgoers and performers.

Visiting festival-goers Amard and his partner, Wyatt Denham, made sure they were hydrated and hoped to spend their time moving from one shaded area to another.

“We almost overheated at first, we had to sit in the hammocks and sleep for about three hours.” said Amard.

Several local officials were in attendance, including County Judge Pat Davis, who told Monday’s routine commissioners’ court meeting after the festival, said he was interested in local law enforcement and the emergency outlook.

“I just wanted to, in a public comment, thank all of our resources that came out to help us, which was amazing.” Davis said, “I floated the river one day just to go there, because I wanted to see if there was any trash thrown in and stuff left in there.” Davis went on to say that there was “virtually no trash” and “everyone was using whatever trash bags they had.”

“Those floating down the river gave many compliments to law enforcement, EMS and TexSAR, who were in the water.” Davis said. There were two water rescues, one for alcohol and the other having trouble in the water, Davis said.

Davis reported that there was “no jostling, no commotion, and no fighting” when he watched parts of the Marshmello set, and the only big thing he saw in the crowd was beach balls bouncing all over the place during the excitement of great music and good fun.

Gonzales County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Dennis Jahns reported 21 arrests, only 15 of which were associated with Floats Fest, and he told the commissioners’ court that no arrests were made at the festival site. .

“Saturday and Sunday I was on the river on the Boothe property and we never had a problem.” Janhs said: “People were all respectful and there was no rubbish left behind. It was very enjoyable and everyone who showed up was really awesome.

The Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office reported and is investigating seven thefts involving non-local vendors.

Float Fest has released a statement regarding the thefts and is aware of the situation which occurred on Friday July 22nd.

The festival had night security throughout the festival and concert venues where vendors were located and investigated how the thefts occurred, the statement said, and vendors met with local law enforcement in Gonzales. and festival organizers intend to work with each supplier “regarding the losses they have suffered”.

“We appreciate all vendors who came to Float Fest this year, and this unfortunate incident in no way represents the entire experience we sought to provide attendees and vendors at Float Fest 2022.”

The festival ended with Cage the elephant, Marshmello and the sighting of a meteor or space junk above the festival on Sunday evening, adding an exciting extra element to the festivities.


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