FNE at Slovenian Film Festival Portorož 2022: One for the River: The Sava Story


PORTOROŽ: Documentary by Rožle Bregar One for the River: The Story of Sava / Ena za reko: Zgodba is in the running for the competition of 25 Portorož Slovenian Film Festivalwhich runs from October 25-30, 2022. This is Bregar’s second feature length documentary.

Flowing from the heart of the Julian Alps to Belgrade, crossing four countries and many landscapes before reaching the Danube, the Sava is the native river of most of the team behind and in front of the camera of this film. But although they live nearby, many never take the opportunity to really get to know him. Join four kayakers for an exciting 11-day journey through the entire Slovenian part of the river.

“During months of studio work, we did our best to portray the river exactly as we experienced it: wild, mysterious, but also fragile and vulnerable. It is an ode to a dear friend threatened by 12 new dams,” director Rožle Bregar said in a statement.

One for the River: Sava’s Story is produced by Rok Rozman through Room for maneuver collective in co-production with Visualist (Slovenia) and Legitfilms (Slovenia).

“The budget for this project, where friends put their time and passion together, was 21,000 euros,” Rozman told FNE, adding that the film was created under the auspices of the movement for the preservation of the last rivers. savages of Europe. Balkan River Defense.

The film is scheduled for release in Slovenian cinemas at the end of October 2022. “We also hope to screen it on national television in the summer of 2023,” the producer also said.

Rožle Bregar is a cinematographer and director, who worked on The Last Ice Hunters (2017), Son of Bora (2021) and Codelli (2016).

Manufacturing information:

Room for maneuver collective (Slovakia)
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Visualist (Slovenia)
Legitfilms (Slovenia)

Director: Rožle Bregar
Screenwriter: Rok Rozman
Director of photography: Rožle Bregar, Mitja Legat
Music: Janez Dovč
Editor: Denis Artac
Sound Designer: Grega Švabič
With: Carmen Kuntz, Bor Mihelič, Branko Djokovič, Rok Rozman, Sabina Kogovšek, Lotos Vincenc Šparovec


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