Food Festival will organize the “Drop Off & Go” event for Foodbank


Nantwich Food Festival volunteers hold a Drop-Off & Go event at Brine Leas School to collect donations for the Nantwich Food Bank in time for Christmas.

The event takes place this Saturday, November 26 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Maureen Coulter, organizer of the event, said: “We know some local people will be collecting their donations since they first heard about this event, but we would like to see new people dropping off donations.

“Anything you can donate from the list below will go to a family in need.

“The cost of living crisis means we are all facing higher bills and tough choices, but no one in our community should have to go hungry.

“Even before the current crisis, 1 in 5 of the general population was living below the poverty line, and this will undoubtedly get worse.

“Please give what you can.”

Damien Gear, Manager of the Nantwich Food Bank, added: “The members of our community that we support will experience greater hardship than ever over the coming winter months.

“With the holiday season fast approaching, we now hope to ensure that everyone in our community can enjoy Christmas.

“As a food bank, we are very grateful to have the generous support of the Food Festival team and the people of Nantwich and surrounding areas.

“We hope you will continue to support us in helping the most vulnerable people in our community over the coming weeks as we approach Christmas.”

The Food Bank is unable to accept:

Dairy products, meat or fish, fruits or vegetables, items that require refrigeration, half-used or opened packages, anything past its expiration date, anything alcoholic, bleach.

Anyone wishing to donate money can do so through the Nantwich Foodbank website

Maureen added: “I’ve organized a great team of experienced Food Festival volunteers to make sure locals can drop off their contributions without delay.

“The people of Nantwich and those around are renowned for their generosity, so it will be great to see what we can do together again for those in need.

“We thank Leas Brine School sincerely for their support in allowing us to use their parking lot for the Drop-off and Go event.”

Chris Farrell and the Food Festival volunteers (2) (1)


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