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There seems to be a default phrase to describe a new iteration of an event: “This year is bigger and better than ever!” However, that saying couldn’t ring truer for Four Chord Music Festival 8, taking place at Wild Things Park in Washington on the second weekend of September. The 2022 rock festival is, in fact, bigger than ever – it’s the first year that Four Chord has expanded to two days, with a huge line-up of talent including Bad Religion, Descendants, Pennywise, All Time Low and Jimmy Eats World.

“Stages come and go, so missing out on music is almost impossible,” says Adam Valen, chief marketing officer at Drusky Entertainment and one of the heads of this year’s festival, alongside Four Chord founder Rishi Bahl.

Whether it is “better” depends on one’s own perception. Yet with the addition of local business collaborations – a Black Forge x Four Chord coffee blend for sale, custom Steel City x Four Chord shirts, two custom Four Chord beers courtesy of Dancing Gnome and stores mobile discs, among others – it’s hard to say the festival hasn’t improved since its launch in 2014.

“Being someone who was on Four Chord before I got involved organizationally, I’ve always loved the feeling of the Warped Tour of going with your best friends, meeting new ones, discover new music,” says Valen. “Four Chord Music Festival is still 100% an independently run music festival. [But] is now in its eighth iteration thanks to community support that helps to continue supporting Four Chord. The festival has grown from an annual festival at Club Zoo in 2014 to a two-day stadium festival. It is truly a testament to the community Rishi has helped build and nurture through his Four Chord Music brand in Pittsburgh.

For those attending this year’s festival, Valen recommends going with a friend, or two, or three, and making sure to stay hydrated if it’s hot and sunny.

“Wear a hat and sunscreen,” says Valen. “We want everyone to have a pleasant and safe experience at Four Chord. If you like a band you just saw but never heard of before Four Chord, follow them. Buy a record or piece of merchandise. We also have some great non-profits at the festival – Biggies Bullies, Hope For The Day, Punk Rock Saves Lives, Pass the Bass – so talk to them, learn more about what they do and support them!

Four Chord Music Festival 8. From Friday September 9 to Saturday September 10. Washington Things Park. 1 Washington Federal Lane, Washington. $82.

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