GEM Fest returns to Glens Falls this weekend


GLENS FALLS, NY (NEWS10) – This weekend, the Glens Falls Shirt Factory is hosting a massive amount of music in and around a single building. It’s the second year of the Glens Falls Entertainment & Music Festival at the Glens Falls Shirt Factory – its 6th year overall – and the ‘gems’ are ready to be back.

“Artists and groups are locked and loaded every year,” said GEM Fest Artistic Director and local artist Anthony Richichi. “It’s a well-oiled machine, and we owe it to everyone else.”

GEM Fest first migrated to Shirt Factory in 2021, after having to pull 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally set up in downtown City Park, the festival has moved to the Shirt Factory to better mitigate crowd sizes, allowing for better conditions for social distancing.

This tactical move gave the festival a whole new way to approach programming. The list of bands to come this Saturday is long and will occupy two large outdoor stages. Other bands will play at the Rock Hill Bakehouse Cafe, which occupies the side building of the Shirt Factory on Curran Lane.

It’s $20 for a full day of live music, plus free entry to an artists’ aisle full of painters, artisans and more. Artist Cory Pitkin will be painting live, for anyone who wants to stop and watch. An opportunity like this, to step out in front of a crowd, can mean a huge step forward in an artists career.

“There are a handful who are just starting their careers. You wouldn’t know, walking along the line, who is taking a shower for the first time in a booth. It’s cool to put them up and feature them in a fun place with 20 groups of people walking around.

GEM Fest runs from 10:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, with a long list of groups ranging from hyperlocal — including Lock 9, of which Richichi himself is a member — to national. Chestnut Grove, the show’s star rock n’ roll band, hails from Philadelphia. Hard rock band New Saviors hails from Bennington, Vermont.

As for the location itself, Richichi hopes to keep the Shirt Factory as long as possible. The festival is now sponsored by North Country Arts, a non-profit arts organization that operates a gallery within the Shirt Factory. Add to that the fact that the building is home to dozens of artists’ studios, and it’s clear that the old building will remain a new hotbed of local rock for some time to come – just at the right time.

“It’s fun to be able to have 20, 25 bands for a day,” Richichi said. “Thank you to everyone who supports music and art. It’s what keeps us going.”

Admission to GEM Fest is $20 in advance or at the door, at the Shirt Factory at 71 Lawrence St. and 21 Cooper St. The full list of bands and artists at GEM Fest includes:


  • chestnut grove
  • The Midnight Revival Party
  • Brookline
  • New Saviors
  • Grape juice
  • Eroticism
  • excuse me
  • we are history
  • The hauntings
  • ERIE
  • Under the Lair
  • Reese Fulmer and the Carriage House Band
  • North side sound
  • Caroline Shapiro
  • Brian Medicine
  • Lock 9
  • handsome losers
  • Violence
  • The Inside Out group
  • Angelina Valente
  • Project race car
  • Jason Irvin
  • Seize Atlantis
  • Deb Cavanaugh

Featured Artists

  • Corey Pitkins
  • Hannah Williams
  • Sarah Calzada
  • Alexandra Lindsey
  • Shelley Fairbanks
  • Joe Richichi
  • Jes Turco
  • Kelsi Lee
  • Kayleigh Smith
  • Marta Baxter
  • Alaina Vooris
  • Jamie Greene
  • Val Jean

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