Georgia Film Festival scheduled for September 16-17


“My team and I have worked hard to ensure the festival is packed with strong films that represent the heart of local independent cinema in Georgia,” Green said. “I’m proud to have had the chance to work with such a great group of people on something that is so important to the Films and Digital Media department here at UNG.”

Mackenzie said that as a filmmaker, nothing makes him happier than bringing filmmakers to campus to screen and talk about their films, meet UNG students and network.

The festival will feature several films, including “10-56,” directed by Jason Wynn, who taught at UNG. This movie is about a music composer who moves out to help his aging mother and when he does, he gets more than he bargained for, Mackenzie said.

Another feature will be the work of Mike Pniewski, a prominent local actor who has also taught courses at UNG. Pniewski has been involved in dozens of TV series and movies, Mackenzie said.

Panels and workshops will also be part of the festival. Local students were invited to learn about filmmaking in Georgia on September 16.

There will also be screenings of films in various genres, including “Blurring the Color Line” by Crystal Lee Kwok. The feature-length documentary tells the story of a documentary filmmaker who delves into the experience of her grandmother growing up as a Chinese in a black neighborhood of Augusta, Georgia during the Jim Crow era.

“Halloween to Forget,” a comedy by high school student Sam Morgan, depicts a couple’s plan to kiss for the first time on Halloween, but they are continually foiled by tricksters and unwanted guests will also be screened.


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