Iligan leaves music festival organizers alone


Iligan’s party board announces final decision days after uproar over sexually innuendo teaser organizers posted on their official Facebook page

ILIGAN CITY, Philippines — The organizers of the three-day Iligan Music Festival are on their own — and that’s it.

The city government has delisted the three-day Iligan Music Festival as a major activity of the Diyandi festival ahead of the celebration of Saint Michael the Archangel’s Day on September 29.

The decision was irrevocably announced on Friday, September 9, days after Iligan Mayor Frederick Siao ordered it removed from the town hall’s party activity list following an outcry over a teaser. loaded with sexual innuendo posted on the music festival’s Facebook page.

But the town hall party board found more problems with the scheduled music festival when its members deliberated late last week on whether or not the local government should reconsider the decision to withdraw from the list the Woodstock inspired event.

Iligan’s head of tourism, Agnes Clerigo, said the council noted the following:

  • There was no specific location for the event despite an earlier announcement that it would take place at the grounds of the National Steel Corporation (NSC).
  • NSC management had no idea of ​​the event.
  • The area where the music festival was to be held from September 22 has no light or water.
  • The area is forested and is known to have a considerable population of snakes.

Clerigo said it was a risky venue for a three-day event modeled after the first Woodstock Rock Festival in the United States in 1969.

The festival council issued a resolution, stating that if the organizers decided to go ahead with their plan to hold the music festival, they could do so as a private group without any support from the city government.

The council also suggested that the organizers negotiate a suitable new venue, finalize an agreement with the landowner and reschedule the music festival to give them more preparation time.

The organizers’ problem, however, is that they have already sold tickets at prices ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 pesos and have paid Metro Manila-based bands to perform during the music Festival.

Amir Archival Aluk, the executive producer of the music festival, wrote to Iligan City General Services Office Chief Bong Capitan on Friday, September 9, requesting permission to use the Wet Park run by the city ​​hall.

One of the organizers of the music festival, Dr Charles Marquez, said on Saturday September 10 that the town hall had already issued a permit, a request which could not be independently validated as of the date of this publication.

Marquez said the show would continue as a purely private event despite the withdrawal of support from city hall.

Marquez said his group took the mayoral council’s criticism constructively, and that it would help organizers better plan and execute it effectively.

He said the organizing group was “learning from the significant setback which will certainly [result in] a much better fiesta experience for everyone… We thank everyone for your understanding. We’ll see you having fun with us at the Iligan Music Festival!

Organizers drew attention in the predominantly Catholic town early last week to a sexually suggestive teaser posted on their FB page to promote the music festival.

The post was immediately deleted and the organizers apologized, but not after it went viral on social media and drew public criticism and rebuke from city hall. –


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