International Hausa Book and Art Festival returns to Kaduna


Jhe second edition of the Hausa International Book and Arts Festival is held in Kaduna with the theme “Being and Becoming”.The contest organizers would explore language and identity in the African literary space using virtual reality (VR) technology.

Sada Malumfashi, curator of the festival, said: “Knowledge in the field of Hausa origin has faced missing links or gaps, with very little knowledge of who a Hausa person is. What language did the ancestors of the Hausa people speak five thousand years ago? These questions and many other interceptive questions and requests would find an answer in this second edition of the Hausa International Book and Arts Festival (HIBAF22) by linking and connecting arts, language and identity through the analysis of processes that give rise to experience.

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Malumfashi said the ACP-EU Culture – West Africa Evaluation Committee has selected the Hausa International Book and Arts Festival (HIBAF) as one of 35 winners who will benefit from the Culture Enhancement Fund. to promote cultural and creative content in West Africa, by promoting support for creation and production, image education and the development of means of dissemination and distribution (physical and digital) of goods cultural.

The Hausa International Book and Arts Festival on the theme of “Being and Becoming” was selected from 176 applications from 15 of the 16 West African countries.

The organizers added that the VR experience of the project will include the curated experience of the festival; a feature documentary on identity and language; a photographic essay documenting the vibrant existence of an unbridled literary tradition among women writers writing in the Hausa language in northern Nigeria.

The festival will also see a screening of the official film HIFAB, which premiered in November.


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