Iowa hip-hop artist Coldsaint will open for Jacquees after SXSW concert


Performing at SXSW and opening for R&B artist Jacquees in the same week are the latest two accomplishments in rising hip hop star Coldsaint’s growing list of accolades.

“I did a show with Nelly, I did a show with Afroman (and) I did a show with Lil Durk,” Coldsaint, the stage name of Norwalk’s Noah David St. John, said, listing some of his main performances on his resume. “I know South by Southwest (SXSW) is a big deal and I’ve never done a show in Texas before, and I’m thrilled to say this is my first.”

Coldsaint took the stage at Pour Choices on March 17 as part of SXSW, an Austin, Texas multimedia festival that hosts everything from professional speakers to film screenings and live music showcases.

Coldsaint performs in central Iowa at 7 p.m. Saturday at Clive’s Horizon Events Center, 2100 NW 100th St., in an event called “HERstory in the Making.”

The hip-hop entertainer performs for self-proclaimed R&B King Jacquees, the 27-year-old Atlanta-based music artist who named his 2019 album ‘King of R&B’ and included a song called ‘King’ as his first track .

For Coldsaint, these performances come shortly after the release of his latest music video, “Cornbread,” which includes a featured appearance by friend and fellow Iowa musical artist Entre Luche, who traveled to perform with him. at SXSW.

Coldsaint wanted “Cornbread” to define a sound unique to the state of Iowa. While the song as a whole is rooted in hip hop, the piece begins with a country twang that remains prominent throughout.

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Rapper from Iowa Coldsaint (born Noah David St. John).

“We were talking about how these other states have their own sound. Chicago has their own sound, Atlanta has their own sound, but Iowa doesn’t, at least as far as hip hop goes,” Coldsaint said. “(In the song) we talk about the women of Iowa, the bonfires, the paintball — everything we do here.

Coldsaint’s comedy collaboration with Iowa nonprofit in the works

He also has three comics in the works, which he plans to publish and sell through his website, He collaborated with kids from Hip-Hope Inc., the local nonprofit that helped Coldsaint himself get into the music industry.

According to Bo James, executive director of Hip-Hope and Coldsaint mentor, the organization engages at-risk youth and helps them find creative outlets they value.

Coldsaint, who faced bullying while growing up, asked the children in the program to share their experiences, and those stories became the fictional storyline for the comics. “We’ll take a story someone tells us about their bullying experience and tell them what actions you can take to address bullying,” Coldsaint said.

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From SXSW to Thailand and back to Iowa

Prior to his latest set of shows, Coldsaint performed at the Iowa State Fair’s Bill Riley Talent Search, the 2021 Norwalk Music Fest, and Gen. Z Showcase at 80/35 in 2019. He also toured Thailand for 10 days and plans to return.

“He’s already made it, he just needs a million dollar check,” James said of Coldsaint and Entre Lunche ahead of the SXSW performance. “Are they going to come back (from SXSW) with a check for a million dollars? I don’t know. But they’ll be in the position that others were in.”

How to get Coldsaint tickets for this weekend at Horizon Events Center

Tickets for this weekend’s Horizon Events Center show range from $50 to $200 and are available at

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