Italian and Canadian professionals explore new synergies between the two countries at the Venice Production Bridge


– VENICE 2022: speakers discussed potential co-production and collaboration opportunities involving Italian and Canadian film industry professionals, entrepreneurs and investors

Cristiano de Florentiis, Paul Golini (both seated) and Robert MacLean (on screen) during the event

On September 3, as part of the Venice Production Bridge, the Spazio Incontri at the Hotel Excelsior hosted a one-hour conference entitled “Italy-Canada discovering the new landscape of the film industry”. The event was hosted by Cristiano de Florentiis and Paul Golinirespectively founder and artistic director, and producer-president of the Toronto company Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF).

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The Canadian event was introduced by a short clip illustrating some of the activities of the festival, including a drive-in born during the pandemic, parallel initiatives related to fashion and literature, the red carpet and the awards ceremony. Speakers also touched on one of ICFF’s side events, the Lavazza IncluCity festival, which ran for 22 days this year, in June and July, and focused on celebrating multiculturalism in film. . The gathering hosted 150 screenings, attracting some 52,000 viewers.

The aim of the conference and its subsequent networking event on the hotel’s Terrazza dei Limoni was to enhance opportunities for cooperation between Italy and Canada and to make festival-goers aware of what both industries have to offer.

Golini thanked Telefilm Canadawhich has supported ICFF since its creation and has supported its mission of attracting the public wishing to see Italian films, and invited the representative of the body Danielle Belanger on stage, who discussed Canada’s presence at the rally with Graham Foyit is The girl, Salome Villeneuveit is III and three works participating in Immersive Venice.

Next, ANICAit is Roberto Stabile praised the work accomplished by the festival in terms of partnerships between industrial players, institutions and private funders. He also announced that ANICA would work to invite a large delegation of entrepreneurs who would learn about Italian titles with export potential and the co-production opportunities available, as well as to promote Italy as a filming location.

De Florentiis revealed that the next edition of the festival will host two industry days, where panels will focus on co-productions, and there will be a particular focus on joint animation projects.

Then actor Marco Leonardi speak Sean Citernait is Some wine, filmed in Canada and Italy. The project has contributed to promoting the products of the Basilicata region and its local attractions.

Later Producer Andrea Iervolino appeared in a short video telling the public that he had recently been elected President of the ICFF. He also called on the institutions to strengthen the Italian-Canadian memorandum of understanding currently in place. Other Producer Contributions Pierre Gentile, Robert McLean and Angela Prudenzi (organizer of Women in Film Awards) followed.

The event ended with the presentation of a special prize to Lina Siciliano for his performance in Francesco Costabilethe drama Una Femmina – The Code of Silence [+see also:
interview: Francesco Costabile
film profile
which premiered at the Berlinale earlier this year in February.

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