It’s playtime with Nishumbita’s ‘Natotsav’ theater festival


Ram Mohan Holagundi is directing seven plays covering various themes and also performing on stage after a decade

The sixth edition of “Natotsav,” a seven-day theater festival starting December 18 by Hyderabad-based ballet and theater group Nishumbita, is unique in more than one way. Covering various themes, the pieces directed by Ram Mohan Holagundi have the same team of over 45 artists playing different roles in all the pieces. In addition, Ram Mohan, the founder of Nishumbita, returns to the scene after a decade.

Annual offer

Natotsav has been an annual offering of the 27-year-old theater troupe, since 2015. “We like to end the year on a positive note so that this enthusiasm and energy carries over into the new year and the troupe continues to put on a positive note. emphasis on social activities. problems, ”says Ram, who has conducted all of the plays this year.

Nishumbita 'Natotsav' theater festival will take place on December 18

Yendamuri Veerendranath Kukka (Telugu) takes care of the haves and have-nots. “The story speaks of the zamindari system with a dora (landowner) and paaleru (farm workers) in rural areas. We see similar discrimination and struggle, albeit in a different way, with domestic helpers in an urban society. Such prejudices and inequalities will never go away until we take a step forward, ”Ram points out, referring to how the Telugu play was shortlisted for staging on December 18.

Khamosh! Adalat Jari Hai on December 19, a Hindi adaptation of Shantala! Chalu Aahe Court written by Vijay Tendulkar, a realistic depiction of society’s invasion of women’s liberty and privacy in the name of culture and tradition.

Nishumbita 'Natotsav' theater festival will take place on December 18

It’s a fun time with the child actors of Nishumbita playing Rudyard Kipling The jungle Book (in English) on December 20 followed by a multilingual Grips Theater the next day. “Grips Theater is a unique kind of theater where adults perform plays about issues related to children and youth,” he explains. The team stages human (multilingual) puppets on the same day, followed by a mime act on December 22 that features social awareness messages with a touch of humor.

Nishumbita 'Natotsav' theater festival will take place on December 18

Golaconde, the mammoth production recently staged in October will be staged again on December 23 and the festival will end on December 24 with the English production The chairs. “I am the element of surprise in the room. Even my teammates didn’t know I was acting while I was secretly rehearsing. I didn’t want to act but I accepted the role, ”said Ram, returning to the stage.

Omicron, the new variant has raised concerns around the world. Ram says the mood isn’t dark, but the team won’t let their guard down. “We need to follow safety protocols and move forward with caution.”

Natotsav will be held at the Nishumbita Drama School, Begumpet from December 18-24, from 7pm; Tickets on site: Rs 150; Contact: 9581325595 ..


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