Jackson Arts Council awards $150,000 in local arts grants


The Jackson Arts Council hosted an awards reception last week, celebrating 12 local sub-recipients of $150,000 US bailout funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.

The funding, which represents the largest grant amount ever distributed by the Jackson Arts Council, will help the 16 sub-recipients expand their artistic impact in the region and contribute to COVID-19 recovery efforts.

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“With these funds, in addition to our regular grants from the Jackson Arts Council, we estimate they will impact more than 137,000 people across our region,” said JAC Executive Director Lizzie Emmons. “We are really excited about the amount of funding we will be able to disburse. This year it will only impact a ton of people in our area. »

Recipients such as Ballet Arts Inc., Arts in McNairy and the International Food and Arts Festival happily received their funding in the halls of The Ned on Thursday evening, as city officials and arts supporters looked on local.

Lizzie Emmons, executive director of the Jackson Arts Council, talks to reporters at The Ned.

“It’s going to have a huge impact on the artistic community,” Emmons said. “We are moving from a regular impact of around 40,000 people to an impact of almost 140,000 people. Thus, the impact of this trip will be felt throughout our region.

“It’s so important that we fund the arts now more than ever, after COVID-19, after not being able to be in person, seeing performances and with so many artists out of work. It’s so important that we Let’s all come together to support our community.

The funding comes as the new Jackson Arts District begins to take shape.

Now, with even more local artists supported, Emmons is thrilled to see the fruits of their labor spread beyond Jackson’s borders.

“The Arts District really encourages the continued creation of art in a certain space in the city of Jackson,” she said. “These funds have an impact on our entire region. So really, it goes beyond this specific space where the arts district is, as well as the number of things that are going to happen in the district. So it’s really encouraging that the continued creation of art [will occur] in this Jackson space and beyond.

Winners include:

  • Jackson Symphony Association
  • The Ned
  • Jackson’s Ballet Arts Inc.
  • Arts at McNairy
  • International Festival of Gastronomy and the Arts
  • Town of Parsons
  • Our home in Jackson
  • Jackson Theater Guild, Inc.
  • Jackson Madison County Library

Individual artist sub-recipients include:

  • Samantha Wood – Jackson, Tennessee
  • Lee Benson – Jackson, Tennessee
  • Hugh Pugh – Parsons, TN

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