Joni Mitchell teases new Newport Fest performance album


Joni Mitchell.
Photo: Douglas Mason/Getty Images

If you’re one of the millions of Joni Mitchell fans who missed her Newport Folk Festival comeback concert (and couldn’t afford tickets to her Gorge show next year), there’s good news: you may still be able to listen to this. While speaking with none other than Elton John on the Nov. 12 episode of his Apple Music show, rocket time, Mitchell revealed that she wanted to release an album of the performance and was in talks with Newport about it. “You haven’t heard of the Newport Folk Festival yet, but I think there’s going to be an album coming out of that?” John teases, to which Mitchell simply replies, “Yeah, we’re trying to turn that off.” The Newport set with her friend and champion Brandi Carlile marked Mitchell’s first live performance since a 2015 aneurysm and her first full headlining show since a US tour in 2000. Next, in June, Mitchell will perform in the hall of Washington The Gorge, his first paying show since this tour.

John tried to get his friend to record another album at her beautiful home. “I think you should do an album in this room because it’s so magical,” he said, adding that it’s “one of the most special rooms I’ve been to in my entire life. life”. Not that we should expect too much from Mitchell just yet – Carlile revealed that Mitchell told her “very nicely to leave because she’s going to come home” when she was asked to do a second Gorge show. Always relatable as always, this Joni.


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