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With all the unfortunate things happening in the world, everyone needs a break. To give you exactly what you need, students at the University of the Philippines Los Baños will take us into the world of digital theater with “TEKA LANG WAIT! 2: Katok ka Muna Games Festival.

As the second installment, the production name “TEKA LANG WAIT!” signifies its purpose to be a breathing space in the midst of the chaotic world. “Katok ka muna” specifically represents the three relevant and revealing theatrical productions that all take place in one room. It also represents the production team who beautifully crafted the piece in their own rooms.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, students from THEA 102 (Theatrical Communication), THEA 103 (Filipino Theatre) and THEA 152 (Directing) along with student volunteers will undoubtedly show that they can bring excitement and peace through their festival of plays. .

The “TEKA LANG WAIT!” 2: Katok ka muna” Play Festival will premiere on May 26-28, 2022 on their official website Facebook page. If you’re wondering what they have in store for you, here’s the synopsis of the plays:

“Papaano Turuan Ang Babae Humawak ng Baril” by Daryl Pasion, directed by…

Oka was an unemployed farmer forced by financial circumstances to join CAFGU, a paramilitary group organized to increase the military effort against the rebels. After such an encounter, he was able to take time off to visit his wife Liling, who was now eight months pregnant. What was supposed to have been a much-needed meeting turned into an emotional roller coaster when an impossible request had to be decided.

“20 questions” by Juan Ekis, directed by Elmer Rufo

Two friends locked in a room test their differences through a game of 20 questions, where each must answer the other’s questions. With a little liquid courage from a bottle of wine, bold subjects and raw emotions will reveal the problems, concerns and curiosities they have been hiding. After a look at each other’s points of view, where will this drunken game take their relationship?

“Joe Cool Aplikante” by Joshua Lim So, directed by…

In a capitalist system, people tend to follow their usual lifestyle of working just to live. Joe Cool is a fresh graduate trying to find a job at Dohesta Corporation. However, he must earn his place by taking on his greatest challenge: Miss Lyka Agulera, the company’s interviewer. In an isolated and mysterious office, the journey of Joe Cool will show the difficulties of the labor sector under a capitalist system.

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