Launch of Panoramica, the Spanish film platform organized in Spain


In response to the changing dynamics of film festivals, many of which have been affected by the pandemic, a new curated Spanish film platform, is entering the market.

Led by curator Xavier Puerto, director of the REC Tarragona Festival and programmer of Spanish-language films for the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia, Panoramica’s offer is twofold: “We offer festivals the possibility of completing their line-up with specially selected programs and, through our selective catalogue, offer filmmakers the chance to see their films extend their run on the international festival circuit,” said Puerto.

The idea for the platform came about after conversations with various festival and cultural institution managers as they grappled with the changes wrought by the pandemic, with many forced to hold online or hybrid editions.

“On the other hand, it’s a common conversation among filmmakers that most films, for various reasons, have a very ‘short’ life on the festival stage, regardless of their quality,” Puerto noted.

While many festivals realize that a hybrid version has allowed them to reach audiences beyond their borders, many have adopted it for the long term.

“We want to help festivals through the sometimes quite complex process of presenting a hybrid version and helping its audience discover hidden gems,” Puerto said.

In practice, Panoramica is integrated into the programming of the festival itself, as well as on its website with a series of conditions such as geo-blocked viewings, specific dates or viewing limitations. With more and more festivals offering an online or hybrid version, Panoramica appears as a complement to regular festival programming. “Panoramica is not a streaming platform for festivals but a catalog of Spanish cinema with its own platform,” he said.

Festivals will be able to choose between their favorite works from the Panoramica general catalogue, where a series of visits or curatorial itineraries are also presented that organize the works into different thematic proposals prepared by the team of programmers and curators.

Among the titles available in the Panoramica catalog are notable titles such as “A Stormy Night” by David Moragas, “La Mano Invisible” (2016) and “Young and Beautiful” by David Macián. (2018)” by Marina Lameiro.

Regarding pricing, Puerto explained: “To set an accurate price, many parameters must be evaluated, such as the number of films in each program, the number of ‘views’ in each title, as well as the availability per dates. In this way, specific agreements will be made with each festival, always with accessible costs, since the purpose of the project is to collaborate and participate in festivals.

A stormy night
Courtesy of Panoramica


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