Lino’s Rockford will host a free outdoor music and film festival


If you live in or are from the Stateline area, I’m pretty sure that’s a prerequisite to liking Lino’s Restaurant. I mean, how can you not crave their pizza and salad special 24/7?!?

Google Street View

Google Street View

Over the past few years, Lino’s has really given us new ways to love them. From their massively packed pick-up lines during the COVID shutdown to their new Pasqua Mercato markets on Sundays throughout the summer, Lino’s has invented fun new ways to enjoy their food, and they’re not done yet. .

Lino’s “Four Fridays in the 14th Ward” Event

Lino’s The restaurant is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and to really kick the party up a few notches, they’ll start hosting a new event called “For Fridays in the 14th Arrondissement” on Friday, July 29, 2022.

The event will be free and will feature outdoor movies, live music and great food to benefit various nonprofits in the Rockford area.

Four Fridays In the 14th Ward will take place on Lino’s new patio space, which is also a great place to try some of Lino’s new dessert creations. Gelato Joe’s

Lino via Facebook

Lino via Facebook

Lino’s will be posting more details about Four Fridays In The 14th Ward soon, but now that we know the dates, we can put them on our calendars so we don’t miss any of the fun…or the delicious meals!

While you wait for this fun outdoor event at Lino’s to kick off, check out this interesting video about the history of Rockford’s favorite Italian restaurant…

Happy 50th birthday, Lino’s Rockford! We love you!!

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