‘Little Nicholas–Happy As Can Be’ wins top honors at Annecy International Animation Film Festival – Deadline


Directors Amandine Fredon and Benjamin Massoubre win first prize for their animated film Little Nicolas – Happy as can be at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France.

A Franco-Luxembourgish co-produced film takes place in late 1950s Paris, René Goscinny (voiced by Alain Chabat) and Jean-Jacques Sempé (voiced by Laurent Lafitte) invented the character of Nicolas, a funny little boy with a smile on his face whose days are punctuated by games with his group of friends, fights, jokes and learning. When the fictional character is invited to his “dads'” workshop, the roles are reversed and it is the creators who tell their childhood, their career and their friendship to Petit Nicolas.

In 2021, To run away won first prize at the Annecy festival, then earned three Oscar nominations, including one for Best Animated Feature. Will Le Petit Nicolas follow the same path?

Here are the award-winning films at this year’s festival:


Feature Film Crystal
Little Nicolas – Happy as Can Be Le Petit Nicolas
Real. Amandine Fredon FREDON, Benjamin Massoubre

Jury Prize
Forbidden to dogs and Italians
Real. Alain Ughetto

Jury Award
My love affair with marriage
Real. Sign Baumane

Blind willow, sleeping woman
Real. Pierre Foldes

Gan Foundation Award for Distribution
Forbidden to dogs and Italians
Real. Alain Ughetto

Reverse Shot Award
Dozens of Nords (Ikuta no Kita)
Real. Koji Yamamura

Distinction Jury Contrechamp
Chun Tae-il: a living flame
Real. Jun-pyo Hong


Crystal for a short film
Real. Balazs Turai

Jury Prize
Steak house
Real. Spela Cadez

Distinction from the jury “For its beautifully crafted animation and its great physical experience”
anxious body
Real. Yoriko Mizushiri

Jean-Luc Xiberras Award for First Film

The record
Real. Jonathan Lascar

Out of Bounds Reward

To cut

Real. Dirk Koy


Cristal for a television production

My year of dicks
Real. Sara Gunnardottir

Jury Prize for a Television Series

Dos Pajaritos
Real. Alejo Schettini, Alfredo Soderguit

Jury Prize for a Special
The House
Real. Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels, Niki Lindroth Von Bahr, Paloma Baeza

Cristal for a commissioned film
Save Ralph
Real. Spencer Süsser

Jury Prize for a Commissioned Film
A line
Real. Wes Anderson


Cristal for a graduation film
Real. Sujin Moon

Jury Prize
A dog under a bridge
Real. Rehoo Tang

Jury Award
Mom, what’s with the dog?
Real. Lola Lefevre

Best VR Work Crystal
Real. Benjamin Cleary, Michael O’Connor

Jury Award
Goliath: playing with reality
Real. Barry Gene Murphy, May Abdalla


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