Louis Tomlinson’s Away From Home Festival Returned Bigger and Better Than Ever


Louis Tomlinson and his team know how to put on a festival. Yesterday saw the triumphant return of the Away From Home Festival.

The Away From Home Festival is a one-day festival entirely curated and created by Louis from an idea he’s had for many years. The first festival was held last year at the Crystal Palace Bowl in London. 6000 lucky fans won the chance to attend the festival for free. The rest of the fans paid a small fee to watch a live stream and get an exclusive documentary about Louis planning the festival, directed by Charlie Lightning.

This year, Louis and his team massively stepped up the Away From Home festival. He moved to Malaga, Spain. The venue held 17,000 people and when tickets went on sale they sold out instantly.

This year’s Away From Home festival saw Voodoo, Stone, Solarium, Behind and Vaccines hit the stage to perform and wow the sold-out crowd with their sets before Louis takes the stage for his showpiece set.

Opening with We Made It, he stuck to his slate of world tours, but with a very special addition, which shocked the thousands in the room and the thousands watching via various fan live streams at worldwide. No one was quite sure what to expect when unfamiliar chords started playing. But within seconds, they realized it was One Direction’s “Night Changes.” Crowds at the venue and those watching online went wild. He then went on to sing hit after hit from his debut album Walls, ending his set with Kill My Mind which is just made for festivals,

The Away From Home festival was amazing last year, but this year Louis and his team have gone the extra mile, from the venue, to the bands, to the merchandising and the food and drink on offer. You can tell with each subsequent year that they invest more time and money into it, determined to make each one better than the last.

We can’t wait to see what they do next, because we know anything they do with Louis involved will blow us all away!

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