Majuli Music Fest gave a platform to my skills: artist Shankuraj Konwar


Guwahati: Gracefully cultivated and a hidden gem, the magical island of Majuli is the next stop in November for music lovers’ daydreams.

The third edition of India’s largest independent music festival, the Majuli Music Festival is ready to captivate those who live for creativity and music.

The Majuli Music Festival is known for blessing its audience with captivating performances from emerging and established independent artists from all over the country. One of them is the one who lent his voice to the music industry through outstanding numbers like the ‘Alakananda’, Shankuraj Konwar. The Assamese singer graced the 2019 edition of the festival with his stunning performance.

Talking about his experience, Shankuraj describes it as a matter of pride to be part of this large-scale event, and undeniably the love he received from the localities as well as the public. His stay in the artists’ village had been most enjoyable for him, the icing on the cake being the delicious authentic traditional cuisine prepared by the native tribes. The musician was particularly impressed by the sculptures and other artistic aspects of the place.

Shankuraj hails from Jorhat, which Majuli was a part of before it became India’s first river island district in 2016. He believes his main reason for performing at the festival was a sense of elation at being part of a festival like this. in his hometown, considering that it is the only festival held in rural Assam. Being in its infancy, it was also an opportunity for his group to expand its reach and attract an audience. In the meantime, the support he received from his audience was unmatched, most of whom were young people. No kind of difficult transportation could prevent them from attending the alluring festival.

Shankuraj believes the festival would help the Majuli community generate income and provide employment opportunities, as well as recognize local talent, including hip-hop artists, sculptors, painters and musicians. As an artist, he is convinced that a festival like this at home would inspire them to continue and move it forward.

The independent artist strongly emphasizes the need to promote independent music for the music industry as a whole. “The day is not far off when the line between independent music and mainstream music will blur,” he said. He said that as artists it is our responsibility to keep inspiring ourselves in order to inspire the next generation.

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