Malaysian thriller ‘Korsakoff’ voted best psychological film at Cannes World Film Festival


Malaysian psychological thriller Korsakoff was named best psychological film of August at the current Cannes World Film Festival.

The film tells the story of a woman struggling with the titular syndrome who is kidnapped. Korsakoff syndrome can cause memory disorientation that makes it difficult for the sufferer to remember the recent past or learn new things.

Other plot details are unclear as no trailer or synopsis has been released yet, with no announced release date for the film available.

The film is the second D’Alpha Legacy production to win one of the Cannes World Film Festival’s monthly awards after their film Eva was named winner of the Best Thriller/Suspense category for July. Both films will automatically be entered into the annual Cannes World Film Festival competition for a chance to win the festival’s Best of the Future Golden Fairy award, and will have the opportunity to see their film screened in Cannes – although it should be noted that the Cannes World Film Festival is not affiliated with the Cannes Film Festival.

Film producer Diyana Ismail told the New Strait Times that she was “extremely grateful for this win after producing five films”, as Korsakoff has already won accolades even though she has yet to screen. “I’m very proud to prove that our films can be taken overseas,” she added.

“I believe that the teamwork between the actors made this film a success. Even though there wasn’t a big cast, I think the quality of the film is satisfying and it’s all thanks to the powerful chemistry shared between the actors,” she said of stars Elly Arifin, Erra Fazira, Ning Baizura, Azhan Rani and Iqram Dinzly.

In other awards news, a number of Asian countries have submitted their nominations for Best International Feature Film at the 95th Academy Awards to be held next year. Vietnam submitted the action movie 578 Magnum for consideration, while Hong Kong also submitted the Tony Leung vehicle where the wind blows as their candidate.

South Korea proposed director Park Chan-wook Decision to leave and 2021 Best International Film winners Japan submitted Chie Hayakawa Diet 75.


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